New information

Michael Flynn’s relatives sue CNN for $75 million over report alleging QAnon affiliation

If you ask me…they should be suing for more!

Another cabal operative compliant and controlled by the CCP – “Are you sure you haven’t heard about the Hunter Biden laptop Jen?”


Trump interview on Fox News

Here’s my take after I processed this interview. Took me awhile.

First off, lets be clear – The queen was taken out with the rest of world monarchy last year.

After processing all of this for an hour or so I looked at other angles.

The vax he approved, how did it get approved so quickly? If they can’t find samples of Covid how do you make a vax? Why does Pfizer have it on their recording that the vax is in the trial stages and for emergency use only?

1) Trump vax is HCQ

2) Approved because HCQ has been out for 40 years or more.

3) Pfizer recording – this is White Hat control. “Free Will” implored.

4) Trump sent vax out to State Governors for their distribution. What did they do to taint vax? Trump is saying his vax was safe, anything out there that is killing people is the cabal vax.

5) Queen – UK is the Belly of the Beast – part of the Trinity Triangle. Still loads of Royalty lovers, he is trying to soothe the populace so that the civil unrest is minimal when the Military takes control and news of the Queen breaks.

Trump is the KING OF TROLLING and he was trolling the Cabal during the interview.

18 thoughts on “New information”

  1. Thanks for information Gina.Do you know when all people will know the true? I not mean what date,because i know it is not possible to say that.


  2. Thank you Gina. I appreciate all that you do. Sorry your freedom of speech is comromised by those who have so much to lose. Please keep us who believe in all that you say and do informed.


    1. No one but the very small tight lipped Military Intelligence Operatives know when anything will take place. We have to hold the line and keep the faith. I will continue to work hard to bring all breaking news onto this site…Love and Light my friend.


    2. Gina, Thanks so much for your work! So glad to find your website! I lost you on social media and am so grateful for your work! Im glad to hear someone say that any vax that is killing people is NOT TRUMP’S but tainted by Cabal!!


  3. Thank you so much Gina for all you do… your hard work and putting everything out so we can see, read and do our own research! I greatly appreciate all you do and you to me are a big breath of fresh air in this contaminated world!!


  4. Question: do you think the shooting in Colorado was a psyop? Especially since the new House Rep is from Colorado and pro gun ownership


    1. I was just going to start digging into that shooting. The democrats are going after the second amendment so it would not surprise me if this was one of their false flags. As in Sandy Hook, I wonder if there really was 10 people who died yesterday.


    1. Always my pleasure! When you subscribe you will automatically be notified when I post new information. I hope you enjoy this site and benefit from its intel. Love and Light from Canada


  5. It’s time for the Canadian people to wake the forking up. We are a free people, and it’s time to read the Canadian Charter of Rights!!!
    Gina thank you for the information you’ve already given us!!

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  6. Brian! Time to break their rules AND their toys The streetlights are transmitters. The emf weaponry.has to go. We are many in Canada ready to stand up for our elders and our children. The time is coming. Hold the line. The forests are full of freedom warriors. We are ready. Canada rising.

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  7. So glad I found your site Gina! I noticed the new variant is called MU. Some think it’s the Greek letter but I feel it has correlation with the MU puzzle found in “Goedel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Gold Braid”. The Mu puzzle is unsolvable, hence, the covid will never go away. I look forward to your future info


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