Why would a “mega container ship” create a traffic jam in the Suez Canal?

What do we know about shipping containers and what they carry for the cabal?

We have discovered and exposed what “Evergreen” has shipped in the past – children!

Who has a large investment in “Evergreen”?

What was the Secret Service name for HRC?

Just because it has been quiet lately and we don’t see anything occurring doesn’t mean there is nothing going on behind the scenes.

Think logically. If we knew what the Military Intelligence Team was up to right now, if we knew their next move on the chess board, so would the illuminati cabal. The Military operation would be compromised, New World Order would be our fate and Trump would not be the 19th President of the Republic…Hold the line Patriots, there is a lot more going on than meets our eyes!

3 thoughts on ““WATCH THE WATER””

  1. It’s almost an Act of God!
    The way it got wind swept into
    the bank…now the whole world is focused on the name on that
    ship and whose on it!


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