Hey there PEEPS!


In my video the other day I mentioned about an online shopping club that only sells all natural, toxin free products.

I have been searching high and low for a source ever since I learned how the cabal has weaponized all of our everyday needs. Most I came across were outrageously expensive.

Well one of these sources fell right onto my lap!! I was casually talking to a woman I research with and she said, “Oh well, you want to check out Malaleuca!” Everything, I mean everything is pure, their vitamins are spectacularly pure, no additives. These vitamins wont end up flushed down the toilet with your pee…if you know what I mean.

Anyway I registered the other day and I just placed my first order.

The membership for the year is now on sale for only $1.00💥 until end of this month!

5 days left!!

I also got over $20.00 of free product.

Even after the conversion of currency from US to Canadian currency the prices are so reasonable!

Shipping of my 152.00 order to Canada was only 11.00! Totally shocked at that one!

I ordered essential oils, and a product called Activa that contains zinc, I am going to add it into my HCQ juice I make twice a week.

THIS IS NOT MULTI-LEVEL-MARKETING – I promise! It is an online shopping club like Costco or Sams. It has been in business for over 35 years and not many are familiar with the name – thats when you know it is not MLM.

I am writing this important message out to everyone so that they can take advantage of the $1.00 deal!

If you are interested in learning more please let me know❤ Email me at and I will get you hooked up with this amazing company and their toxin free products!

It is time that we all starve the cabal corporations and use products from alternative companies.

It is time that we take action and look out for ourselves.

I am tired of giving the cabal corporations power through money and not to mention I really don’t want to ingest senomyx (tissue cells from a 14 week old aborted fetus) any longer.

We are urging people to say no to the vax because of this “Senomyx” ingredient, well now it is time that we walk the talk.🥰

Let me know so that you can take advantage of the dollar deal, lets travel down this clean living journey together! Love and Light

At least you can say good bye to sugar and msg and say hello to aborted fetus flavoring. It takes the term junk food to a whole new level. So how do we avoid this? Well just quit eating I guess. And if you think the vegetarian side of things is any better well think again. Look at the hot dog article and look into the GMO seeds. Technically the corn and corn by products isn’t even real corn…all GMO nonsense. So with that said, we can’t stop eating so just pray over your food before you eat In Jesus Name and let him set it apart for you and since you follow the dietary law, I’m assuming your going to pray after you eat too. That would be a good thing.


    1. MELALEUCA – There is 7 days left to join the online wellness shopping company for just $1.00 – if you are interested in further information let me know and I will hook you up. Love and Light my friend.


      1. Gina I am interested on the online wellness product you talked about. What is the name of the company?

        Thank you!


      2. I joined two months ago and love the products that I have tried so far.
        Also…. I sent a email to you earlier with a video attached of a guy from the past that is still alive. I hope you got it. I am curious of your thoughts.


      3. Awesome Gina thank you so much! How do I join it says to contact the person who referred you on their website.

        Thank you!


    1. Boil all the ingredients I have shown on my website in Tonic water. I add “Activate” as it is chalk full of vitamins and most of all Zinc. Zinc activates vitamin “C”. Add honey to your own preference. After you bring the ingredients to a boil let simmer, I let my batches simmer between 4-6 hours, sometimes longer. Do not remove the lid during this process as the quinine will escape. If you are interested in “Activate” vitamin supplement I can give you a referral for the online Wellness shopping club. The memberships are only $1.00 until the end of April. I have completely gotten away from purchasing from cabal corporations. All of their household products are toxic, make up and other beauty and health are toxic, and their vitamin supplements do not absorb into the body, they literally are flushed down the toilet and ONE BILLION dollars of supplements are in the sewers each year. Malaleuca vitamin supplements absorb into the body.


  1. Hi Gina
    I’m curious as to why you would promote HCQ & Ivermectin as ‘cures’ for cv19. As a bona fide researcher & truther you must be aware that no ‘virus’ has ever been isolated & that person to person transmission does not exist. This whole pandemic exists purely because of this lie being fed to the people. Big pharma promoted the theory that ‘germs’ infect people & cause them to become ill. This is another of the huge deceptions we the people have been lead to believe. Germ theory & the notion of contagion are myths therefore how can any V cure something that has never been proved to exist? The same goes for HCQ & Ivermectin even though they may be less toxic than the Vs. The symptoms/illnesses people are experiencing are due to a myriad of causes but contagion/infection from another person is not one of them. 🤔

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    1. Please show me where I have promoted HCQ as a cure. I am definitely promoting it to boost immune system. But I did not, and have never stated it was a cure as I am not a virologist or an epidemiologist. I do know from the contents of HCQ that it would be amazing to boost immune system and my father and I are a testament to this fact. You are trying to educate me on the virus and you did not even read my post on here properly. Please go back to my blog and read it again. Not once did I state that HCQ was a cure for this fake flu we are dealing with.


      1. My apologies Gina. You’re right. I had only skimmed your post. I guess whenever I see HCQ mentioned I assume someone is endorsing it as a CV cure. Over the past year I have learned so much more from people like yourself about the rabbit holes of this crazy world. This plandemic has taught me a great deal about health so that when trying to discern who are the genuine truthers out there, if they don’t dismiss the virus, the Vs & certain ‘cures’ then I feel they’re not to be trusted. Many of the ‘opposition’ medics would fall into this category. So once again I apologize for jumping the gun & making an incorrect assumption.

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      2. I love your critical thinking skills – always question. Keeps everyone on their toes. Many “awake and aware” do not possess the higher level of conscious intelligence and are only selectively questioning. A good example is the truth that has surfaced about Charlie Ward. They do not want to believe and have shut down altogether. Their so called critical thinking skills do not apply when it interferes with their comfort level. Our logical and critical thinking should not have borders or we will be back into the mess we are presently clawing out of…good for you for questioning me…Kudos girl!


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