The Psychology of what is occuring right now.


Accomoodation is the acceptance of new information, ideas, and experiences results to the alteration of the existing schemas or thoughts

This is the process of new ideas and habits are slowly introduced one change at a time in order for the larger habit to be accepted.

This is the psychology behind what we are now living. We would have never accepted the virus, vaccine, travel restrictions, masks, lockdowns all at once. Many would have objected.

Instead the Rothschild plan introduced this “plandemic” on stage at a time to avoid a worldwide revolution and mutiny against all government officials.

This is a war on the human psyche. David Icke explains this concept very well in the video below.

5 thoughts on “The Psychology of what is occuring right now.”

  1. Gina,
    So awesome you have your own website now!! I am only on FB to check a couple of people’s posts (you being one of them). Can’t wait for the real president to start his own platform!!



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