JC KAY is talking how I am thinking right now! Time to take our power back, take charge of our bodies, our environment, cleanse our mind, body and soul. Maintain a high vibration and purge dark energy people in our life. You know the ones I am talking about, those who suck the last drop of our positive pure energy from a straw as if they were taking the last drop of a delicious milk shake! These people can and are draining!

Most of us have had a taste of what it feels like to possess a higher level of conscious intelligence than 3 dimensional and now we want to go higher!! A higher level ascension will give us more brain power, higher frequency and the ability to heal ourselves. But if we are not taking care of ourselves inside and out there will be a road block in the way of our ascension. Now is the time to take charge and grasp onto that power and take the first steps!


It is time to review our habits of nutrition, read the labels of the food in our cupboards, fridge and freezers. Look at what is stored in the medicine cabinets…is it all pure nutrition or are there additives? Vitamins bought off the shelf in department stores have fillers in each dose. Did you know that these vitamins don’t even absorb into your blood stream? Literally 1 BILLION DOLLARS per year worth of vitamins end up in the sewers – the goodness you think you are doing for your body by taking these supplements go right through you into the toilet and down the drain!

“Peak Performance” is one of many vitamin supplements offered – no filler additives just pure goodness!


After we have looked at all that, what’s the daily exercise routine look like? Has the lockdowns interfered with your daily dose of movement? Of course it has! Most gym’s were closed and when they reopened there is a restriction on how many can enter at one time. How many can honestly say they have a daily home routine set up? I am one of those who could not get into my gym whenever my schedule permitted, my routine was gone and it began to show every time I put on a pair of jeans. I discovered this easy 30 minute workout video that I do every morning. It gets my heart going and my blood pumping and it’s actually quite fun!

The weight control shakes offered are so reasonably priced and full of nutrition and replenishment of electrolytes after a good workout.


Time to read all the ingredients on the labels of all cleaning products – what have these cabal corporations included in these cleansers? You know it can’t be good! Think about their depopulation agenda – say no more, I am tossing all of them out and starting fresh from a company that offers non-toxic cleaning products. Below are just two of so many the products they offer.

There is nothing that calms the mind more than knowing what you are doing for yourself and for your health is pure and chemical free! I have used essential oils throughout my life and I don’t think I have ever come across an oil as pure as the oils that are offered in this shopping club.

Peace of mind is pure BLISS

A few days ago I was told about an online shopping club that offers everything we need for a fresh new start! Their product line is amazing, all non-toxic cleansers. Their vitamin line will absolutely absorb into the body and their essential oils are pure with no chemicals added. The membership for the year is a nominal fee of $19.00, but then when I found out that the membership was only $1.00 for the month of March…I was sold!

Travel along this “clean living journey” with me and lets evolve into the next level of consciousness together inside and out!


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