In a supposed “Pandemic” – we all know it is a “Plandemic”, why isn’t the Biden faux administration concerned about these kids not wearing masks or, hey….that doesn’t look like 6 feet social distancing to me!

These are children in cages, not wild animals captured in a petting zoo!

Your next question is…”If white hats are in control, why is this happening?”

In order for people to believe they have to see for themselves. They have to feel the pain and discomfort in a life of communism.

I personally have lost complete hope with a lot of the brainwashed media watchers. It’s almost as if their fear of what they may see is too overwhelming for them to absorb into their noggins.

I’ve given up trying to tell my friends and family not to take the vaccine as they refuse to even look at the facts.

There will be those who ascend and evolve and those who will be left behind in the land of 3D conscious level thinking.

I know where I’m headed…

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