☝️Slide show of horrific conditions – Biden administration following through with the Obama plan. These children need to be saved or they will never be seen again. This is the beginning of child trafficking occurring right before our eyes. Get ready for the Alliance to step in soon.

And then there is this yet to be confirmed information: It’s always been about the children.

I am hearing from sources that over a thousand (AND COUNTING) young people have been rescued from the EVERGREEN SHIP.. It came from China.. The Captain said, the computer system went black.. And the ship went full speed onto the bank…. Translation.. Spaceforce took control and crashed it on purpose.. A Global warrant is now in place for all of Evergreen’s cargo ships.. This is the first marker of the finality I believe.. Q said a year ago, “Watch the water” and when do you need a plumber.. Navy Seals and Marines plus Army Corp of Engineers are the Plumbers….

The War is real.. It will shock the world.

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