Unlike other truthers who maintain podcast platforms to expose the truth and circulate it to the community, I stayed on top of this story, my gut said that “Ever Given” did not suddenly become stuck in that position in the canal on its own, and that there were higher forces at play.

My red flags flew up when I asked myself this question – How is a ship weighing 200,000 TONS, carrying 18,000 containers vulnerable to high winds? If you remember this was the narrative the mainstream media was broadcasting. Lets do the math. There are 2,000 pounds to each ton, times 2,000 by 200,000 and you will get the weight of that ship, not including the containers it was carrying. Information has since leaked out that it was indeed the Space Force doing it’s job under the control of the White Hats.

Now comes the question, Why? What exactly did they find and who was targeted? I was quite pleased to listen in on Scott McKay broadcast last night when he finally addressed the Suez Canal catastrophe. Listen in around the 20 minute mark. You will hear that there was way more to this canal event than meets the eye, and yes, the Alliance was at work protecting the world and rescuing children. The operation included the distribution of deadly vaccines, ammunition distribution by the “Five Eyes” and CHILDREN.

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