1. This is so confusing to me. Are these people now clones? Who handles them if they are. All the videos I had on Hollywood tranny’s is now sound only without the pictures. Most of mine were on yt so I can understand them being taken down. What are your thoughts??


    1. They are not “clones” – clones are exact replicas and are made with two cells of the person to make the clone exactly like them. These are body double actors. I am sure you have seen Biden’s synthetic mask or Fauci’s. The White Hats are in control.


  2. I’m totally stunned why would chip and Joanna gains be involved with the cabal? They have always been very Christian and have a wonderful family. Not to mention she has a great business. I’m so confused.


    1. Biden is supposed to be a Christian as well…they all have roles to play when they consent to the cabal. The reason she has that “great business” is because she sold her soul to the cabal. No one in hollywood, the music industry, pro sports, politics become that successful without selling their soul to satan. The cabal controlled all of these industries.


  3. Seeing Chip and Joanna and their interview with Opra did not sit well with me. Why do they have body doubles out there? That just seems so odd that they would stoop so low as to allow the cabal to control their business and their lives,


    1. Same reason all of the celebs, elite and politician who have sold their soul to the cabal and have committed crimes against humanity, they’ve been arrested, removed and body doubles in place.


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