APRIL 5, 2021


As I have stated previously in my posts there is definitely a shift occuring, the tide is turning. We are seeing the Alliance using their control and justice is finally prevailing with the main stream media, the fraudulent election and now we are seeing the Big Tech companies finally being brought to their knees and power being taken away.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Says Social Media Companies Do Not Have Right to Ban Protected Speech. SECONTION 230 UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

The justice signaled that media companies, which under law can moderate their users’ content, may have to be looked at as monopolies.

Justice Thomas criticizes Twitter’s ‘power to cut off speech’ and says Big Tech should be treated like utilities to curb their power after Supreme Court tossed ruling that Trump violated the constitution by blocking his critics.

The US Supreme Court on Monday tossed a lower court’s ruling over former President Donald Trump’s attempt to block critics from his now-suspended Twitter account, a decision in which Justice Clarence Thomas questioned the absolute power of social media companies to kick users off their platforms. 

The court threw out a decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York that Trump’s attempts to block critics violated the First Amendment, concluding that the former president’s permanent suspension from Twitter makes the issue moot. 

  • The court said there was nothing left to the case after Twitter suspended Trump
  • Twitter banned Trump two days after the deadly attack on the Capitol
  • Justice Clarence Thomas said the bigger issue was the dominance of big tech 
  • He said social media companies should be treated like ‘common carriers’ such as telephone companies to curb their power  
  • ‘Twitter made clear, the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms’, he added
  • Thomas said it is ‘unprecedented’ that ‘control of so much speech is in the hands of a few private parties

In my opinion, this movie we have been watching is coming to an end. April has begun to be a month of action and we are only on the 5th day!

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