The war we have been warning would come has become a reality. I am seeing panic! This war has become personal, it is targeting those close to us, the enemy is using their weapon, the vaccine AND FEAR on family and friends and it is out of our control.

We have educated and warned, exposed truth and facts about the contents of this weapon for the past 14 months, to no avail. Our frustrations mounting and the realization of mind control is sinking in while the brainwashed are still walking around convinced that the elected officials are looking out for their best interests. They are marching to the front of the line to their death like zombies in the worst apocalypse movie we have ever seen. Who will be left standing when it is all over? What will life look like when this is ends?



The China crisis Australia ‘won’t be able to escape’

Nick Whigham·Assistant News EditorWed, 7 April 2021, 12:04 am·4-min read

There is a potential military crisis on the horizon that “Australia won’t be able to escape,” experts warn. 

China has vowed to reclaim a defiant Taiwan with the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, previously declaring he will take the country by force if necessary. 

Australian Strategic Policy Institute Executive Director Peter Jennings fears Australia will have nowhere to hide if that happens.

Speaking on Sky News, he said the US would be drawn into any military escalation “and you better believe the United States will be expecting the help of its two key allies in the region – Japan and Australia – to play a role in the defence of Taiwan”.

“This is something we won’t be able to escape it seems to me,” he said.

Members of Taiwan's armed forces carry out military exercise in January. Source: Getty
Members of Taiwan’s armed forces carry out military exercise in January. Source: Getty

“China has certainly been ramping up its military activities around Taiwan and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow that down.”

The issue of China’s stated plans to reabsorb Taiwan and bring the democratic nation of 23 million under the control of Beijing has been labelled a potential flashpoint for global conflict but most observers expect China to use every tactic short of war to reclaim political control of the country. 

Warning to Australia: ‘Who will help defend us?’

With the political freedoms of Hong Kong prematurely crushed by Beijing, there is increased speculation about the potential of conflict erupting over Taiwan in the coming years. 

“The prospect of conflict is alive and well over Taiwan,” Professor John Blaxland from the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific told Yahoo News Australia in August.

Mr Jennings said the Australian government needs to be thinking about the long-term ramifications for our own security in how that scenario might play out. 

“I guess my last comment would be to say Taiwan, as a successful democracy of 23 million people, its future should matter to Australia as a successful democracy of 25 million people,” he told Sky News.Story continues

“Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM.”

We are now at the “near death experience” stage. It has been stated many times, in order for people to wake up to reality they must feel the pain of loss, they must feel a “near death experience”. These people who have been mind controlled by the weaponized media, music, video games, sports, commercials, TV programs and movies, must be shown for them to believe. They need to be shown that what is occuring is truth and reality.

The passports introduced is the last weapon aimed at our head, we all must unite and take back our POWER! Our power has been ours throughout this fight, most have chosen to ignore it. We are all protected by the constitution, KNOW IT! MEMORIZE IT! USE IT!

We are entering the final stage of this war, stand tall, stay tough and HOLD THE LINE PATRIOTS, WE ARE NEAR THE END OF THIS FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!


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