Britain’s Prince Philip dead at 99

The most evil reptilian, satanic pedophile has been publicly announced dead.

This is the man who considered the common folk as useless bottom feeders and wanted us wiped off the earth.

All Monarch families were removed in 2019 – Public death announcements are now taking place. It won’t be long until we hear of the rest of them dying of covid or some other Rommel death.

This is the photo captured before taken to hospital – It is not Phillip – eyes, nose, ears, and chin are the indicators.
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh smiles during a visit to the headquarters of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force's 603 Squadron

13 thoughts on “Britain’s Prince Philip dead at 99”

    1. I think you could be correct! There is definitely a turn in the tide, the wind is shifting. Yesterday I posted a photo, exposed of Hunter Biden’s laptop on Fox News. I can feel the energy turned up a few notches, “April Showers” has shown us a lot so far and it is only the 9th day.


  1. What took so damn long. Should’ve happened before this year. It’d look suspicious if the clone of Elizabeth dropped dead a month or later, but I wouldn’t complain if she did.

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  2. Hi Gina! I have been wondering what happened to you! Figured you were in FB jail again! I’m sooo glad I found you. Telegram has been wayyyy overwhelming so I’ve not really been following all the recent stuff going on. Reading your post always gives me hope ❤❤❤

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    1. I have just added a couple of buttons on my latest post updates for those who wish to subscribe. Unfortunately I cannot subscribe for you. Go onto my latest post and you will see a Subscribe option. I thank you for your subscription, every person who subscribes helps expose the truth. Love and Light to you my friend.


  3. Nice to have you back, not getting much info in UK about the state of play, something concrete should have happened now, right,keep me posted? Xx

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