BREAKING! DMX’s Family Member Denies Drug Overdose, Confirms Rapper Got “Vaccinated” Week Before Massive Heart-Failure

APRIL 10, 2021

Most of us with any bit of commonsense have always known that mainstream news are about as trustworthy as Rasputin on LSD, but for those who continued to have faith in the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and their ilk can now finally come around to our point of view. Over the past couple of months, it has become evident that corporate media are nothing more than paid propagandists of Wall Street who make it their primary duty to conceal truth from the public and bury us with disinformation.

Such is the case with the tragic events surrounding Earl Simmons, better known to his fans as DMX. On Tuesday, word leaked out that DMX had suffered a massive heart-attack after a “drug overdose”. Immediately, yellow-press “journalists” from TMZ to the Washington Post ran with the story without doing any legwork to ensure that there was truth to the rumors. While Mr. Simmons was lying in a vegetative state, social media was set on fire as tweets and posts of DMX’s overdose went viral.

Three days later, a semblance of truth is finally emerging from the smoke of mainstream media distortions. According to his very own family members, Mr. Simmons did not suffer an overdose at all, to the contrary what caused his coronary failure was an injection of Covid-19 “vaccine” he took a week ago. Do you think the same “news” hyenas who ran with the “overdose” media narrative retracted their stories and conveyed this new development? I’ll give you a hint, the answer rhymes with NO. Far from correcting their demonstrably false accounts, most all have chosen silence while others stick to their lies.

Yesterday, I published the dreadful death of Midwin Charles, who likewise received injections of the very “vaccine” that led to DMX’s collapse. I derive no pleasure in printing obituaries of death by “vaccinations” and broadcasting stories of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson adverse events; it is soul sucking to research the lives of people to eulogize them instead of publishing their success stories. However, I feel compelled to write these types of heartrending articles to counteract the vile indoctrination and the reprehensible Covid-19 PSYOPS that is being conducted by mainstream media, global governments and NGOs around the world.

As of this exact moment, Mr. Simmons’s family are weighing their next steps as they struggle with the grim decision of whether or not to pull the plug or keep their beloved on life support. What led DMX to this calamitous step is a decision that he made recently to get injected once New York announced that people over 50 can receive the experimental “vaccine” that is still undergoing clinical trials using humans like DMX as lab animals. He made this fateful decision so he could continue to perform and pursue his life’s passions; a week after receiving the very snake oil that took the lives of Midwin Charles, Hank Aaron, Larry King, Marvin Hagler and so many others, DMX finds himself in a coma unable to breath on his own.

I cannot impress this upon you any more that I am already doing; if you are thinking of getting injected with these untested and unscientific “vaccines”, for the sake of yourself and your loved ones, please reconsider and wait. Don’t make emotional decisions driven by fear; instead wait and observe how everyone else who is rushing to become lab rats are doing 6-8 months down the line. You have already undergone more than a year of masks, social distancing and lockdowns—another 12 months is not going to kill you.

Moreover, getting “vaccinated” will still mean that you have to wear masks, continue to social distance and be subjected to lockdowns, so why take a step that will not change the very predicaments that are driving you to make drastic decisions that are literally matters of life and death? Do not follow in the footsteps of DMX, Midwin and Hank, sit back and wait to make sure that these “vaccines” will not lead to a global holocaust as tens of millions of people who got shot start falling by the wayside once Antibody-Dependent Enhancement kicks in by the time autumn arrives.

Reference: Ghion Journal Press

2 thoughts on “BREAKING! DMX’s Family Member Denies Drug Overdose, Confirms Rapper Got “Vaccinated” Week Before Massive Heart-Failure”

  1. As with any non vaccine shot and death the CDC and Government will cover it up. It’s very sad they had to use the excuse of drugs on this death and I’m happy the family spoke out.

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