Wyatt Pike quits ‘American Idol’ in shocking exit after making top 12

They are calling his exit mysterious after making it to the top 12, but was it?

Is this the stage of the contest on American Idol when the cabal producers introduce the illuminati to the contestants?

Simon Cowell has been removed and arrested, most likely executed by now, he was the cabal scouting point man on American Idol. The agenda of the show was to produce talent and talent brings idols and idols bring followers. The cabal transforms the idol into a satan worshipper and their agenda is that his/her followers will begin to worship satan as well. The satanic cult want their followers to grow exponentially so that they can take over the world.

Looking back on previous years on American Idol shows I seem to remember contestants winning who were not as talented as their competitor. Where are the ones who did win? I seem to remember the family deaths of Jennifer Hudson, those were clearly sacrifices to Baphomet. In 1994 Bruno Mars, then known under his real name Peter Hernandez, had made a quick little audition on American Idol for his part in the show. However, the judges back then rejected him because they didn’t think that his voice was good enough to be on the show. How did he become so famous? In 2013 the mother of Bruno Mars died of a Brain Aneurysm, his fame skyrocketed from that year onwards.

There is more to this mysterious exit of this contestant Wyatt Pike, God protect him and his family from the hands of this evil. Turning down the cabal is not something taken lightly.


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4 thoughts on “Wyatt Pike quits ‘American Idol’ in shocking exit after making top 12”

  1. Hello Gina! I hope you are well today❤With respect to American Idol; do you have any knowledge of Kelly Clarkson? Is she as evil as the rest of them? I’ve been curious about her.

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    1. I have personally spent time with Kelly Clarkson. I once dated the producer of concerts here in Toronto and I dined with many celebrities and rock bands in the VIP lounge. Kelly is a sweet girl and did not become famous, that in itself is an indication that she has declined the offer of the cabal. She lives a very low profile life and her name has not come up once during my extensive research over the past 14 months. She is not on any of the arrest/execution lists and was never on Epstein island. Not sure if that answers what you were looking for, always here if you have more questions. Love and Light


      1. So happy to hear that! I obviously don’t know her personally, but from the outside looking in, she seems like a beautiful person. Thanks so much Gina❤

        Liked by 1 person

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