APRIL 14, 2021


‘Nigerian’ Penises Valued $1.15bn Seized In China

Last night I posted and brought the news about the 7200 penises discovered on board a ship in China taken from Nigeria. Not one, not two, but three people claimed this to be a false story and nothing but a satire. I listen to my readers and so, to please the crowd I pulled the story and decided to rewrite it with news links attached to prove that this crazy unbelievable story is absolutely true.

While I can appreciate everyone’s new found higher level of conscious intelligence and the habit we have now become accustomed to of “Question everything”, I still believe that people are in the mode of, “If it was not reported on a mainstream news outlet, it’s not true”.

With what is going on in the world these days a few years ago I would say, “unbelievable”! But isn’t that how we got into this cabal mess in the first place? This illuminati cult has done such outrageous offences against mankind and we let it slide simply by thinking that what they have done is not true, and just a science fiction event. And yet, we continued to see their truth in plain sight on TV, movies and crazy displays on award shows. We simply just past it off as the “Art” of theatre.

Fani Kayode, a Nigerian aristocrat and a politician until 1995 speaks out about the penises on twitter. This my friends is not satire, this is real and it has happened.

Take note that Femi Fani-Kayode is a “Blue Check Mark” on twitter.
His tweets about the confiscated penises confirm it’s truth.

Link provided below


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