US Navy, Dan, US Army Qomms & more 🍿
-Navy includes 1,1 & Action pics
TS 5:00
Q500:Includes 1,1
Codes command Action
-17 News
Q:We are everywhere
Can “Qanon” be stopped?
Q:Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
-17/Chandler News
Chandler=Child Handler
Who is R Chandler?
Dig Deep
This goes far beyond spirit cooking
-CNN Staffer admits pushed PROPAGANDA to get 45 out
NY Post/Don Jr. mention PROPAGANDA
DECLAS provides truth
What happens when media KNOWINGLY pushes false PROPAGANDA?
Silent War Continues
-666 News
How many in power worship the devil?
Haiti’s PM resigns
All connected
-Navy:On the ready
Q:On the ready
Catching Covid helped fight cancer
Q:The cure will speed WW
Dan photo 45 Stands with team
TS 10:50
Q1050:Stand Strong
-Flynn, Lin, Lindell in front of board with 17
Army:Going Dark
Going Dark meaning
Dark to Light
-Dan IG US Flag, 45 & Reagan
When you can’t make them see the light make them feel the heat
-45 mentions +++
Nothing is Random
Everything has Meaning

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