Wyatt Pike releases first song since quitting ‘American Idol.

A twist to the story about the talented kid who quit American Idol after making the top 12.

The question in my mind still remains, Why?

Did he get tapped on the shoulder by the illuminati/Cabal to join their cult, did he turn them down?

It’s not a secret that the illuminati has infiltrated the music industry. If there is money to be made the illuminati is there to make it off of the backs of these talented young stars. If these budding stars want fame and fortune they must sell their soul or become a “no name” or a “one hit wonder”. Remember those songs we would hear, a great song by a band never to be heard of again…ever wonder why? Now you know.

“As promised, here’s a video of my tune ‘Friday Nights’,” he wrote. “I had fun filming this for you yesterday, hope you enjoy! ‘Friday Nights’ is available on all streaming platforms!”

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