Operation Mockingbird is a CIA project organized by Allen Dulles and Cord Meyer in the early 1950s to control the Corporate Media outlets. But if you wanted to look back even further than 1950 you would discover that in 1920 Prescott Bush began buying and controlling the media for the purpose of propaganda during the wars he and the industrialists purposely ignited for money and power. What better way to suppress the truth during WWl, WWll, Vietnam and all of the others, than to control the narrative by controlling media.

The media has always been their weapon of defence but during covid it has been their offensive weapon of brainwash to the weaker minds. Comply! Wear masks! Do as our narrative states! Look at the death tolls we are updating hourly! Just look at the photos flashed on the screen of vaccine stations! Listen to the politicians preaching the gospel of lies!

But yesterday they were caught red handed with the lie in their narrative about the Capitol Cop.

The News Anchors obediently read from the script they were given, the newspaper journalists obediently wrote, an Officer bludgeon to death with a fire extinguisher by a Trump supporter on that supposed deadly day on January 6, 2021.

People were as obedient as the journalists and believed this actually happened without a trace of evidence. With all those cellphones recording that day not one video surfaced of this deadly event. Why? Because it NEVER happen and now they have been exposed!

The “Washington Tribune” and all other corporate newspaper corrupt conglomerate headlines were almost identical, Capitol Police say cop, reportedly hit with fire extinguisher during Hill mob, dies of his injuries.

And yet the truth was exposed yesterday for the very first time by the mainstream media. Why? How? Has this ever happened before? With the corrupt Deep State in control of the media since the early 1920’s how did the truth leak out?

That same corrupt and complicit newspaper, the “Washington Tribune” headlines looked like this yesterday, Capitol riot ‘martyr’ cop Brian Sicknick – who laid in honor – suffered two strokes after MAGA invasion and died of NATURAL causes, medical examiner rules.

Who is in control of their most lethal weapon now? The White Hats! The Trump Team has been in control since the President went on his DECLAS tour in June 2017 with evidence of crimes against humanity. All corrupt leaders capitulated, all Big Tech capitulated, and all of the corporate media capitulated.

Ever wonder how the truth will be exposed to the brainwashed when the time comes? It will be the media, it’s already happening!


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