Robert Downey Jr. mourns longtime assistant Jimmy Rich who died in fatal car accident Thursday, May 6, 2021 at age 52: ‘Supported every step of my recovery’

MAY 7, 2021

Robert Downey Jr. announced that his longtime assistant Jimmy Rich has died in a fatal car accident at 52.

The 56-year-old actor took to his Instagram on Thursday morning to post a gallery of photos of Rich, who he has worked with since 2003.

He began the the social media post caption writing: ‘This is not news. This is a terrible and shocking tragedy.

Did you immediately think about the fatal car accident of Paul Walker? Or how about the planned car wreck of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed?

A car accident has taken many high profile people in the past and high profile people only reach that status through the illuminati/cabal.

Image of what was left of Paul Walker’s car

Jayne Mansfield was one of the “Honey Pot” girls controlled by none other than Bob Hope. Did she want out? Was she about to expose the illuminati?

What about James Dean? His vehicle destroyed on a country road.

Celebrities without a picture on IMDb who tragically died in vehicle accidents or air crashes include Major League Baseball players Roberto Clemente, Yordano Ventura, Roy Halladay, and Thurman Munson; NBA player Drazen Petrovic; Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala; Major League Baseball manager Billy Martin; pro golfer Payne Stewart

Actor Lamont Bentley; DJ and lyricist The Big Bopper; singers Jim Croce, Jim Reeves, Stan Rogers, Melanie Thornton, and Kyu Sakamoto; bassist Berry Oakley; American race car driver Dale Earnhardt Sr.; Brazilian race car driver Ayrton Senna; and Scottish rally car driver Colin McRae

Four members of the R&B group The Bar-Kays; eight members of country singer Reba McEntire’s band; rapper Shawty Low; actor and game show host Peter Tomarken; movie producer Dodie Fayed; singer-songwriter Harry Chapin; American politicians Ron Brown, Mickey Leland, and Hale Boggs; bandleader Glenn Miller; and many others

What was Robert Downey Jr.’s assistant about to expose? Was he a sacrifice?


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