What Executive Order will be invoked? What conditions are required?

Executive Order 12333 – FISA – Foreign Intelligence Security Act.

Let’s back track a bit and review the information we have at hand presently.

This is the truth they fear will come to light.

Follow the link below to Instagram – this link ties in with what could be what is about to occur.


Corresponding Q Drop – “Foreign Heads of State”. Remember, the beginning of the drops are the end of this story. This Qdrop is #27
The warning of the EBS is Q Drop #35

Use your own discernment, connect the dots to your own research.

A donation towards the expense of the website designer to help document and record the history we watched unfold and place it into a book format would be much appreciated. I am doing this extensive work for everyone’s memories, I am recording this for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.


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