A Chinese rocket is crashing into Earth tonight — and officials have narrowed down where its debris could land.

‘Hopefully it won’t hit anybody’: Pentagon chief says ‘no plan to shoot down’ unguided Chinese rocket as it falls from orbit.

China’s Rocket Debris Crashes Back to Earth, Lands in the Indian Ocean Near the Maldives.

The Chinese Long March 5B rocket carried the main module of the Tianhe space station into orbit on April 29, and began falling back to Earth without being subjected to a controlled demolition.

Maybe wear a helmet this weekend — because any minute now debris from a large Chinese rocket may rain down on Earth.

Defense Department officials were still vague Saturday as to exactly when the Long March 5B rocket, which is around 100 feet tall and weighs 22 tons, will hurtle back through Earth’s atmosphere.

But they believe now it will be either late Saturday or early Sunday.

The latest “informed prediction” of the rocket’s likely re-entry location was near the North Island of New Zealand, according to the Aerospace Corporation,  a US federally funded space-focused research and development company, Reuters reported.

But it helpfully noted that the rocket could pretty much land anywhere.

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