Because they were first!


The 5 Rothschild brothers and their Cabal tried to form a One World Government in 1814-1815 at the Congress of Vienna. They were financing Napoleon in an agreement to gain control of the Bank of France. When Wellington won at Waterloo, the Rothschild’s won in London and captured the Bank of London by leveraging war bonds. Between the 5 brothers they had control of the major banks of Europe, the problem was Czar Alexander I of Russia, they defeated Napoleon and remained in control of their bank, hence they would not join the NWO of 1814 and the idea failed. This lead to Rothschild stating that his descendants would see the Czar’s descendants wiped off the face of the earth, in 1917 that happened by the Russian Revolution which was financed by the Rothschild/Oppenheimer Bankesters, using the Czars own money. It is estimated that their banks held about 68 million Dollars of Czar Nicholas’ personal money. 

In 1897 the First Congress of Zion met in Switzerland, their main purpose was to resettle the Jews to “Promised Land”, news of this got out before their meeting which was supposed to held in Munich Germany, but the protest among the Jewish community was so great they moved the Congress to Switzerland (“The Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion”, are believed to be the “Minutes” of the First Congress of Zion). When World War I started the “Promised Land” was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, by the end of the War, England controlled the Promised Land and they also had the Balfour Agreement of 1919 supporting the “Jewish Right” to having their homeland back, this was inspired directly by the Rothschild family, remember whom controlled the Bank of England! The end of WWI also saw the birth of the League of Nations, the “Wild Beast” which ascends out of the “Sea of Turmoil” of WWI. 

By blackmailing President Wilson the “Zionist” got the Federal Reserve started (To help finance WWI), They also got the first Zionist Justice of the Supreme Court appointed, think of Rudolph Hess as one of the Justices and it is pretty much the same thing. Zionist support ONLY Israel, no one else, the are the “Goyim Cowboys” rounding up all the Goyim Cattle to do their bidding, plain and simple! The Nazis were a combination of the German National Workers (Arbeit=Work) NA, and the Zionist whom controlled them, hence NA-ZI or Nazi. There is a strong possibility that Hitler’s Grandpa was Barron Von Rothschild of Austria. The problem with the League of Nations was that the USA would not join it, even though President Wilson wrote the Charter for the League, he could not convince Congress to join. The other issue was no Jews were relocating to the Holy Land, they were happy living were they were, incentive was needed! So we got WWII and both Hitler and Roosevelt came to power in 1933 and both countries were prepared for war. The first thing Roosevelt did was make it illegal for Americans to use gold to settle debts and no one could own more then $100 Dollars in gold coin. The Rothschilds bought the American’s gold for $23.67 an ounce and $380 Billion Dollars worth, the next year Roosevelt changed to strike price of gold to $35 pr oz and the Rothschilds made 40% on their investment and Americans just took a 40% hit on their “Federal Reserve Notes”. The Roosevelt Family is the oldest banking family in America the started the Bank of New York back in the 1700’s, you can be sure they had the Rothschilds buy ALLOT of American gold for them. 

When WWII was over 6 Million Jews, mostly orthodox, were dead, The United States became a driving force behind the replacement of the League of Nations, the United Nations, and the first thing the UN did was declare Palestine a homeland for the Jews and Israel becomes a State.


  1. Gina, no way did 6 million jews die in the so called holocaust… do the math… 7,000 people a day???? between 1938 & 1945?? Please. Those numbers were inflated. there were no gas ovens.. people died from disease & poor nutrition.

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