Premier of Nova Scotia welcomes new shipping container – he states are for berries.

MAY 26, 2021

The largest container ship to ever call on North America’s east coast arrived in the Port of Halifax on Monday night from South Asia.Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin was among those who came to see the vessel on Tuesday, saying big ships represented jobs and opportunities.“It’s really great to see. It’s a good sign our economy is moving,” Rankin said.“It’s great that Halifax can take something of this magnitude in here. It really speaks to our economy.”

Nova Scotia has been one of the hardest hit Canadian provinces when it comes to lockdowns. Their restrictions have been horrific. Their infestation of cabal matches the restrictive life of the residents. Notice the “Evergreen” containers on this ship? And yet the Premier I sticking to his story that they are moving berries.

So I decided to do a photo comparison of the great Premier to see if he too has been replaced by an actor – we know he is part of the cabal. Lets see how much cleaning up the White Hats have done in Canada.

Here is the Premier in 2018 – Keep your eye on that undeniable cleft chin and don’t forget the nose, inner ears, eyebrows and the hairline.

Here he is in 2020

Inner ears look similar…until you place the photos side by side

My fellow Canadians in Nova Scotia – Your lockdowns have been so harsh because your Premier has been removed and replaced by a body double/actor.

So why is there “Evergreen” shipping containers on that ship? Who is left in his cabinet that the White Hats are about to expose?

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