What vitamins do you buy for your kids? Did you know that vitamins bought off the shelf do not absorb into the body? It is estimated that ONE BILLION DOLLARS worth of vitamins are literally found in the sewers. Thats right, the vitamins are pooped right back out. Waste of money and time. You thought you were doing the right by your kids, and they loved the fruity chewy flavour of those daily pieces of vitamin candy too!

Did you know that 88% of the population suffer from vitamin “E” deficiency?

When you pack everything into one pill, your body may not be absorbing it properly. Many people have no idea that vitamin absorption charts even exist. Some vitamins work better together, and some supplements work more efficiently with or without certain foods.

People take daily multi vitamin supplements to pick up the slack that their food does not provide. Inadequate vitamins and minerals in food is common, especially with fast food so readily available and easy for the parents who are constantly on the run. A multi vitamin seems logical to purchase for the health of your kids, but what happens when one blocks the absorption of the other?

Healthy children who eat a vitamin packed meal everyday don’t necessarily need a vitamin supplement. But what if your kids won’t eat what you serve them? What if broccoli is just not their thing? A healthy salad remains on their plate, and carrots are scraped into the garbage at the end of each meal.

I have three grandchildren, all picky, fussy eaters. The youngest, my granddaughter is the worst of the three, my daughter will joke and say that my granddaughter eats air. When we FaceTime I ask her what flavour air she had for dinner…funny, but not really. All kidding aside it is a concern of my daughter that her kids receive daily nutrition. She has not sat back and done nothing, she provides the off the shelf daily chewable vitamins. She will bake cookies and hide some fibre and small nuts, but is it really providing everything they need?

They all spent 4 days at my house last month and I bought chocolate milk, they loved it! However, chocolate milk is not the answer and will not provide the vitamins they need each day during their developing years. My daughter allowed them to have it, and we felt that it was better than juice, but was it? The sugar it contained was concern, it was not a solution.

So I went on a hunt to find the answer. I found a protein shake made for kids, jammed packed with vitamins. It provides more than the necessary daily intake and it’s delicious! And best of all the kids love it! Both my daughter and I are relieved that there is an abundance of vitamins provided in a treat of a drink, disguised in a chocolatey milk shake.

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