Nothing to see here folks, just two actors playing their roles – ENJOY THE SHOW!

I’ve seen a post going around about how people are worried that they are holding the G7 Summit on the Michael-Mary line…..

And you’d be right, after I explained how ley lines can work in the favour of whomever accesses them, you’re right to bring this to your awareness. Imagine all the corrupted leaders in one place, on one of the most powerful ley lines that not only connects the whole world but also runs through the belly of the beast it’s self on the cross junction of the Michael-Mary line that crosses over on St. Michael’s Mount and the Michael-Apollo line also known as the line that is symbolic of Michael’s sword as he slays the dragon (Lucifer).

This michael-Apollo line runs direct to the Vatican (belly of the beast). So you’ve every right to be concerned, this is the most powerful combo of ley lines and no coincidence that now of all times, they hold this meeting at this precise location while we are in the final days of GOoD V’s DEvil.

It was discovered that Alistair Crowley who is what Jesus is to Christianity, he is that equivalent to Satanism. He knew how to access the lines, switch them, use them to influence those that work on the lines and those that are connected to them, namely human consciousness but not for the greater good of all. Let’s just hope someone of the light new this ahead of time before the summit gathered and took control of the lines.

Imagine a group of world leaders full of darkness having to conduct their buiness on a line that is now not what they originally thought it was in terms of feeding the beast so to speak. Their minds, hearts and souls will be filing with energy that is not something they would want, like nor resonate with. Unless of course it switched them from within.

Whom knows! Just a Fantasy of an idea I guess. I guess all we can do is prayer that it happened 😇 Mr.Pool. Coincidence?

Ps; for all of those that call on it for being BS. You’re absolutely right and you’re Knowledge of ley lines will far exceed the likes of myself, or better yet Tesla, Nassem Harmien, that are literally geniuses, In-fact a word beyond genius. Yes Kevin and Karen, you’re bang on. It’s all fairy land talk 🤫 #GOoDWINS

Think logically and think about what we already know has happened. In 2017 Trump went on a DECLAS tour with files, images, recorded conversations of the crimes each leader had committed and they all capitulated!


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