If you thought Epstein Island was bad, wait until people find out about what’s under the Getty Museum.

r/Qult_Headquarters - The Getty Center was built in 1997 on raw, undeveloped land in the Santa Monica mountains, so their math is close enough, right?

The Getty Fire is one of several blazes burning in California amid powerful winds and dry conditions. More than 7,000 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders in Los Angeles due to the fire, including those of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lebron James and Democratic senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris. As of Wednesday morning, the fire has burned through 745 acres and is 12% contained.



As with the Playboy Mansion, Hollywood celebs have easy access to the Getty tunnels from their homes.

4 thoughts on “If you thought Epstein Island was bad, wait until people find out about what’s under the Getty Museum.”

  1. How do you know details of Getty Museum, elevator to tunnels, thousands of slaves, etc.
    I’d need more proof than a few pictures and you word before judging credibility of your claims.

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    1. For 20 months and over 8,000 hours later – I have dug in and researched. When you research one area the bread crumbs start adding up to a loaf and ties in with another. If you want more confirmation for yourself – dig in my friend, there is lots to be learned out there.


    2. You aren’t ready to see what’s happening there. My brother will not talk about what’s happening in the black forest in Germany. And he was in the military. You aren’t ready. You will loose your mind!


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