PART FIVE – 9/11 and what the history books should read


“The subsequent inquiries have established the Nugan-Hand bank was to be the organisation used as cover for the operations of Task Force 157. The Task Force 157 was a group set up by Henry Kissinger and it was set up in a quite strange way. It was a mini-CIA which was actually separate from the CIA and probably was set up by Kissinger so he could deny any connection between what the Task Force 157 was doing and the CIA. Nevertheless, the personnel of Task Force 157 included Ted Shackley, who was one of the head of sabotage operations against Cuba, he was Station Chief in Saigon during the Vietnam War, and he was the Chief of the CIA Western Hemisphere Division, so with an impeccable CIA record like that it would be very difficult to disassociate him from what the CIA was doing. The concept of Task Force 157 seems to have been two-fold: firstly, to set up operations against the Whitlam government. And secondly, to go ahead with using Australia as a base for certain clandestine U.S. operations such as arms dealing 75 and smuggling of contraband goods.”

The Nugan Hand Bank was closed in January 1980 within several days of the unsolved murder or suicide of Frank Nugan. The reasons for his murder have never been identified, but during that time, the operation was at risk of being exposed.

“Bobby Inman, former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency and Deputy Director of the CIA,

said on two occasions that he expressed deep concern that investigations of Nugan-Hand would lead to

disclosure of a range of dirty tricks played against the Whitlam government (Australian labor

76 government).

Collateral Damage_28062008

(The U.S. Intelligence’s modus operandi of using murder for covering its tracks is further documented when the Iran-Contra and October Surprise affairs are reviewed later in this report.)
John Hand would disappear a few days after the death of Frank Nugan, never to be seen again. Bank operations were transferred to HouseHold Bank in Chicago, Illinois, where William Colby would be come the unofficial counsel. There, according to Herman Skolnick, Household Bank would continue the work of Nugan Hand.

Among their functions, transferring covert operations funds, assassination team funding, skimming of dope, gambling, and gun-running loot; military, civilian, international. U.S. Military, Admirals and Generals, as well as intelligence community officials, supposedly either “retired”, or “on leave”, operated Nugan-Hand, and aided thereafter Household and its numerous units and subsidiaries. The “tracking the money” project was conducted over-all by Household International with the assistance reportedly of Systematics, a banking computer services firm, originally a subsidiary of an Arkansas-based operation. Targeted have been the banks of both friends and enemies alike. (Vince) Foster and his crew — Hillary (Rodham Clinton) and Webster (Hubbell) — used as a cover that they were supposedly “attorneys” for Systematics…. Vincent and Hillary’s role in this was arranged and supervised by a 77 Chicago-based law firm Hopkins & Sutter.

Many units of Household Finance were shortly thereafter taken over by Harris Bank, which was then taken over by the Bank of Montreal. The Bank of Montreal would be controlled by the Bronfmann family, which became heavily invested in Barrick Gold. It would be Edgar Bronfmann that would cut a deal with the Swiss banking cartel in 1998 that would derail U.S. Congressional and Israeli pressure for an investigation into the Holocaust and Marcos gold accounts.

By the end of the 1980s, the banks that had their agents in the OSS intelligence operations at the end of World War II were the banks that would be the dominant global players by 2001.

  • Morgan Guaranty Trust
  • Chase Manhattan
  • Citibank
  • Jardine Matheson
  • UBS
  • Deutschebank
  • HSBC



Some allege that John Warncock Hinckley,Jr., who attempted to kill Ronald Reagan in front of the Washington Hilton—now called the “Hinkley Hilton”– on March 30, 1981, was a victim of mind control. The evidence of mind control is thin. One of the policemen who nabbed Hinckley thought he was hypnotized or in some sort of induced state.

The assassin John Hinckley’s brother Scott Hinckley, and Neil Bush were not only friends, but had recently partied together and were scheduled to have dinner with each other that very day. Also, on the very day John Hinckley attempted to kill Reagan, three Department of Energy auditors were pressuring Hinckley’s brother Scott, with a $2 million penalty, this penalty would later disappear.

The New York Times wrote a recent article about John Hinckley and the assassination attempt (March, 2021)

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