This is the best and most simplest way I know how to describe the how and why the illuminati came into fruition and the man who birthed the secret society to what it is today and how it was developed by Adam Weishaupt. There is a lot of literature that can be found about the illuminati, but without going into too much detail and to avoid confusion for the person just learning or acknowledging their existence, I have summarized their dominant role in the world today.

The first meeting of the illuminati took place on May 1, 1776

Johann Adam Joseph Weishaupt was born in Bavaria, Germany on February 6, 1748. He founded the illuminati with the original idea of giving human beings freedom and happiness. He was raised by his Godfather, Johann von Ickstaff after the early death of his father, who was a lawyer. He had full access to his Godfather’s extensive library of banned and esoteric books.

At the age of 15 Adam entered the Jesuit-run Ingolstadt University and like his father had an interest in law. At the age of 20 he graduated and became a professor at that university. The University was known for casuistry,
(the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry). Casuistry, rational argument is used to reach conclusions that are self-serving and are mostly related to moral issues. He learned the art of “Propaganda”.

Adam believed that the most effective means of leadership was through secrecy. He believed that desire for human status was through ‘secrecy’ and could be achieved by giving them access to secrets. These secrets could be real or propaganda, and this I s how his manipulation began. He wanted this to be covered under other societies and/or occupations. This is when he sought out Freemasonry.

The benefits of the Free Masons was that it was already widely known to the public and people paid no attention to their society. He discovered they had the best lodges for recruiting and secrecy was paramount to them.

It didn’t take long for him to infiltrate into a Masonic lodge in 1777 by initiation, and he approached the members of his established Illuminati to do the same. He told them to move up to the leadership positions so that they could spread the Illuminati beliefs and propaganda.

Even though he was not religious himself, Adam was fully aware of the power of religion and the clergy who led the followers. His next step was to recruit them and convince them the Illuminati was of Christian Religion. The infiltration into religion began.

He not only realized the importance of attracting elites into the illuminati, Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Franz Xaver von Zach, who was the Order’s second-in-command.  It attracted literary men such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the reigning Duke of Gotha and of Weimar. He also emphasized the importance of recruiting ordinary people and the roles they could play through their warm and open behaviour to attract others. Basically he wanted the principles of the illuminati to power over mankind.

Today we see these organizations have often been alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events (false flags) and planting agents (CIA) in government and corporations, (BIG PHARMA) in order to gain political power and influence, and to establish a New World Order. The Illuminati lurk in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, films, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos. If anyone in any position objects or exposes their agenda they also have a plan for them as well.

You still think this is all conspiracy? Why would the New York Times report about a “Mystery Ball” held by the illuminati in 2017?

Pin on Illuminati
The Rothschild Illuminati Ball 1972 | Journey of the Orange Thread
Photos of the illuminati and their extravagance can now be found on Google! White Hats in control!

The Illuminati is the biggest cartel the world has ever known. The shadow Government using puppets to control the people. This is the huge cartel the Military Intelligence is up against. So if you are wondering why we have been enduring this fight for so long and why it is not ending soon, think about the amount of infiltration the illuminati has managed since its creation in 1776. It is not an easy fight but it is a fight that can be WON!

When I searched “When was the last meeting of the illuminati held?” on GOOGLE, the page was full of “Bilderberg” meetings and the Wikipedia of Bilderberg.

TIME magazine did this piece in 2016 –

TIME headline on this piece – What to Know About the Bilderberg Group’s Secret Annual Meeting

The first paragraph of the TIME magazine of the piece they wrote – A shadowy world government. Political kingmakers. A capitalist cabal looking to impose its will across the globe. For decades, conspiracy theorists have tried to decode the secretive Bilderberg Group, an annual gathering of the some of the world’s most powerful figures, which begins Thursday in Dresden, Germany. But while little is known about what’s said at the private meetings, there are a few things that we do know about this year’s gathering.

Bilderberg operates under the Chatham House Rule, which allow those who attend the meetings to use the information they glean but not to disclose who said what, according to Bilderberg’s website. That has spurred conspiracy theorists to claim that the group is imposing a new world order and playing kingmaker around the world. – TIME MAGAZINE – 2016 article.

For those who would like to know and understand more about the infiltration of the illuminati into our lives the informations out there, it always has been. The one rule of the illuminati that they are governed by is showing us the truth, their biggest fear is the retaliation of Karma if they don’t.

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