When the War Measures Act was invoked in 1970 VS The Emergency Measures Act invoked in 2022

February 22, 2022

A grievance is not justified, much less true, simply for being aired, but over the past three weeks, it was certainly the case that the establishment organs of our national media took a decidedly negative view of the truckers and their supporters. The operating editorial position was to find reasons to discredit them and to highlight discordant notes.

It’s not a novel, nor uniquely Canadian, phenomenon. But the hostility of many in the media is a significant part of what is driving the estrangement that the protesters on the streets of Ottawa feel. When freedom gets modified as “so-called” but occupation does not, there is more than a disagreement at play. Add in other terms presented straight up recently — “sedition,” “treason,” “insurrection” — and you see why so many conclude that the deck is stacked against them. ~ The National Post – Feb. 19, 2022

*NOTE – The CBC receives 600-700 Million dollars of tax payers money each year from the Trudeau government to report what he dictates.

Starting at what ended the convoy.

The disturbing end of this call for freedom from the Canadian Truckers was Trudeau’s call for the National Emergencies Act. Putting this into perspective, the National Emergencies Act (NEA) once known as the War Measures Act (WMA) during his father’s tenure as Prime Minister when the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) began terrorizing Canada with bombings of the Montreal Stock market, kidnappings of key Parliament officials and murder.

Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) and the necessity for Pierre Trudeau to call for the War Measures Act (WMA)

It is important to understand the difference between a real crisis that Canada faced in the 1960’s when the FLQ was formed leading to the WMA, and a peaceful protest in Ottawa that began upon the arrival of the truck convoy on Friday, January 28, 2022 and ended in unnecessary tragedy on Friday, February 18, 2022.

What did the radical FLQ want from the Government of Canada? What led them to violence, kidnapping and murder?

Marc Lalonde, the only french Canadian in the cabinet and a lawyer who advised the then Prime Minister of Canada, Lester B. Pearson, and one of his jobs was to brief Pearson on Quebec politics remembers.

Lalonde remembers there “were rising concerns about what was happening in Quebec.”

In the 1960s, Quebec was changing rapidly. It was called a “Quiet Revolution” as economic and social change rippled through the province.

The pace of change was not fast enough for a small radical element in Quebec. It wanted nothing less than an independent, socialist Quebec.

In 1963, a group of young radicals formed the Front de Liberation du Quebec, the FLQ, a seven-year campaign of violence.

The FLQ stole dynamite and began bombing federal buildings, military bases and prominent symbols of English economic domination in Quebec, like the Montreal Stock Exchange.  The actions of FLQ were the starkest indication of a rising nationalism in Quebec. Their objective was clear from the outset. Its first manifesto, in April 1963, vowed: “To arms! The hour of national revolution has come! Independence or death!”

And that month the terror campaign claimed its first victim, a security guard killed by a bomb

A few weeks later, a bomb disposal expert was seriously maimed trying to defuse one of 10 bombs planted in mailboxes in Westmount.

Pierre Trudeau wins the election for Prime Minister in 1968

By 1968, when Pierre Trudeau became prime minister, the bombing campaign was growing and becoming more brazen. Lalonde was now Trudeau’s principal secretary and remembers there was a growing awareness of the impact of the FLQ terrorism. Seven long years of FLQ bombs had claimed six lives and injured many more.

On October 5, 1970, the FLQ raised the stakes, stunning Ottawa, they kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross in Montreal, making this North America’s first political kidnapping and began what is now known in Canadian history as the October Crisis.

The crisis deepened five days later when another FLQ cell kidnapped Pierre Laporte, the Quebec labour minister.

It wasn’t until after the kidnapping of Pierre Laporte, whom the FLQ eventually murdered, when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act (WMA), now known as the National Emergencies Act (NEA). Lalonde remembers the cabinet “spent a lot of time looking at alternatives and finally gave up.” The consensus was that only the War Measures Act would give the government the powers it needed to stop what appeared to be an FLQ insurrection. Trudeau’s government invoked the War Measures Act on October 16, 1970.

Back in 1970 when the FLQ was at it’s pinnacle of violence, Pierre Trudeau still withheld his power of invoking the WMA. It took the kidnapping of 2 cabinet members, and even still, Pierre Trudeau thought long and hard before he invoked such measures.

The arrests and the army on the streets of Ottawa and in Quebec did not stop the FLQ. Less than 48 hours after invoking the War Measures Act, the body of Pierre Laporte was found in the trunk of the same car used to kidnap him.

Lalonde believes by killing Laporte, the FLQ lost all its support in Quebec. “I think the kidnapping of Laporte and the assassination of Laporte revolted Quebeckers,” he said.

On December 3, 1970, police secured the release of James Cross. His kidnappers were flown to Cuba. At the end of December, Laporte’s kidnappers were arrested. The crisis was over.

And now a look at Pierre Trudeau’s son’s actions of invoking the EMA – Did he contemplate long and hard as his father and his cabinet did or does he have more hunger for power?

The images and video recordings of the citizens on the scene on February 18th are clear, the brutality of the police on peaceful protestors was clearly to show who was in charge, Justin Trudeau.

Did these people bomb, kidnap or murder? The answer is NO. For three weeks people gathered in song, dance, laughter, joy and happiness, and yes even bouncy castles for the children to enjoy. The convoy participants cleaned the streets, salted sidewalks after each snowfall, fed the homeless and helped the local businesses. Filled with hope that a group of everyday hard working truck drivers were standing up to the tyranny in Canada they had been enduring for the past two years, with the realization that the tyranny was not going to end with the vaccine mandates, Canadians well aware that more of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical measures were on the horizon.

The arrival of the Trudeau Brigade in Ottawa – February 18, 2022

The digital images taken by those present that day are clear, the thousands of hours of video recordings are proof of what really happened that day.

Starting at the end of the day, moving forward

A Whistleblower leaks a Whatsapp conversation, involving RCMP officers who were at the scene on Friday, bragging, laughing and even condoning the horse trampling of an elderly indigenous woman.


Freedom Convoy organizer denied bail and threatened with 10 years in prison. This is the new communism in Canada.

The Media

The demonizing of the media began, twisting the narrative, calling the truckers terrorists and focussed on an obvious PLANTED of confederation and swastika flags. But the people were behind the truckers and the crowd in Ottawa grew as each day past supporting heroes who had arrived to save Canada.

Trudeau who once praised the Truckers when the “plandemic” began, quickly turned against him when the convoy rode into town.

As the media demonized the Digital Warriors went to work and debunked every story the media reported with thousands of digital images and thousands of hours of video recordings.

See my previous blog filled with images posted by hard working Warriors. https://ginamacinamessages.com/2022/02/04/what-led-the-freedom-canadian-convoy-to-take-action-take-a-peek-at-what-is-going-on-in-ottawa-right-now-its-glorious/

And of course the memes and hilarious photos of Crazy Canadians began popping up everywhere.

Our Canadian Constitution is clearly just a piece of paper

Nevertheless, Calgary stood up in solidarity

Quebec solidarity
Solidarity in BC
Trudeau makes headlines worldwide and India rips him but good!
Meanwhile #BlackfaceHitler starts trending on twitter.

Make no mistake…

We are at WAR!

We are fighting for our FREEDOM

We are fighting to rid the world of Human trafficking.

We are fighting against tainting our food with disease.

We are fighting against the biggest cartel the world has ever known.

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