Comparison of Russia/Ukraine war propaganda to historical propaganda used in WW1 and WW2

March 8, 2022

What is propaganda?

What is propaganda and how was it used in World War II?

Propaganda is a way of spreading ideas and influencing people. It played an important part in World War II as both the Allies and the Axis used propaganda to shape public opinion. It was used to raise the morale (happiness) of people at home and the forces fighting abroad, and to make the enemy seem more brutal.

The most common types used were fear, the bandwagon, name-calling, euphemism, glittering generalities, transfer, and the testimonial. The posters pulled at emotions-both positive and negative. They used words as ammunition.

What were the objectives of propaganda in WW1?

The five objectives of propaganda in WWl

  1. To recruit women to work in the factories and in the Women’s Land Army

2. To encourage people to save food and not to waste. The fear propaganda of starvation that was pushed was that the ongoing Allied naval blockade kept out the food imports that Germany had come to rely upon in the prewar years to feed its burgeoning population of 70 million. Shortages included butter, margarine, cooking fat, sugar, potatoes, coffee, tea, fruit, and meat due to the lack of sufficient cattle feed. They wanted everyone to feel the pain of the enemy they created and the effects of the enemy on the people.

3. To keep morale high and encourage people to buy government bonds. The government was on the brink of bankruptcy and needed the people to bail them out and contribute to the Military Industrial complex that the industrialists and cabal political operatives were stealing from. Not only did they want the people to sacrifice husbands and sons to fight the war the cabal operatives intentionally started, they wanted the people to finance the war effort through the sale of war bonds (loans from citizen to the government) or new taxes.

4.  Participation in home-front organizations to support the war effort.

5. Encouraging others to voluntarily enlist in the war effort

What were the objectives of propaganda in WW11?

The most common types of propaganda used in WWll were fear, the bandwagon, name-calling, euphemism, glittering generalities, transfer, and the testimonial. The posters pulled at emotions-both positive and negative. They used words as ammunition.

The Nazis effectively used propaganda to win the support of millions of Germans in a democracy and, later in a dictatorship, to facilitate persecution, war, and ultimately genocide. The stereotypes and images found in Nazi propaganda were not new, but were already familiar to their intended audience.

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During active American involvement in World War II (1941–45), propaganda was used to increase support for the war and commitment to an Allied victory.

Never forget who orchestrated WWll – The Bush family and their industrialists friends discovered that war was a money printing machine. Their creation of propaganda was their way of keeping the war going as long as the money rolled in straight into their pockets.

Henry Ford – provided the tanks for the Nazis. Believe it or not, Henry Ford was an anti-Semite and was awarded a Nazi medal, designed for “distinguished foreigners” in 1938. Ford continued to sell and make cars with Russian slave labor for American and Germans during World War II.

Coke provided refreshments to the Nazi soldiers and created “Fanta”. Coca-Cola played both American and German sides during World War II, but in 1941, the German side ran out of sugary syrup to make the soft drink. So Coca-Cola’s German division invented Fanta to continue to sell Coca-Cola brands in the Germany without breaking any restrictions or an embargo.

Kodak – The German branch of Kodak used Jewish slave labor from concentration camps but continued to produce film stock for the Axis Powers during the War.

Chase Bank – Chase Bank was one of many around the world that continued to work with Nazi during World War II. They also froze the assets of many European Jewish customers as a common practice to cooperate with the Third Reich.

IBM – The computer company built specialized equipment for the Germans to help them track day-to-day operations, including victims of the Holocaust.

General Electric – GE partnered with German manufacturing firm Krupp to help build Hitler’s army and used Jewish slave labor to build gas chambers during World War II and the Holocaust. The U.S. Government fined GE for working with the Nazis, but the American company continued to profit off of the War. It was estimated that GE made $1.5 million in 1936 alone from working with Krupp and the Nazis.

Random House – Bertelsmann A.G. is a Random House’s parent company and they continued to publish Nazi propaganda and Adolf Hitler’s writings during World War II.

Standard Oil – The oil company was one of the very few that could produce tetraethyl lead gas to fuel the German military, so they were another American company that played both sides during the War. Imagine if Standard Oil didn’t produce or sell fuel for the Nazi…

A sneak peek at the obvious propaganda and the reasons why we are currently witnessing with the Russia/Ukraine war

The propaganda the operatives of the illuminati/Cabal is delivering through the weaponized media globally, is their way of dividing the populace to fight amongst themselves as done during covid. If the global population are at odds with one another the power of the people weakens. The “Divide and Conquer” war strategy and feeding the weak minds who are susceptible to absorbing propaganda.

They know their secret criminal society of money laundering, child trafficking and drug cartel is about to be exposed and the only avenue they have right now is tarnish and smear Putin as done with President Trump. Turn the people against Putin and Russia, convince them that he is a monster who is killing innocents through a senseless war.

The Art of War

Cabal Corporations all left Russian markets

A look at the propaganda smear campaign orchestrated by the largest cartel of the world

A Ukranian soldier was captured on video setting up the fake narrative (I am having issues downloading this video onto this platform I will post on FB on Thursday)

I will be back on Facebook on Thursday – Until then I will update on this website – Subscribe below for instant notifications.

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