So the Queen died

September 9, 2022

My immediate reaction and first tweet:

What’s very interesting is that she died in Balmoral Castle, known for satanic sacrifices. “Bal-moral” castle… a fortress of satanic morals”

Where do I begin with this one? The Queen was removed and replaced when she tested positive for Covid in 2020 and went into quarantine for what seemed to be for months. Then the day came when she was mysteriously locked out of Windsor Castle in March, 2020.

Below is an image of her from the Jubilee in 2022 – compare this one to the image above take in 2020 – Definite body double.

Tracy quickly pointed this interesting fact:

The reaction of the “normies” has been hilariously ignorant. There was a trend on twitter “Disgraceful” because of tweets from those of us who know the evil of the Queen.

I couldn’t resist retweeting this one with a comment:

People are gushing with love for the Queen, a woman they didn’t know, a head of State who sent the people into enslavement while she lived the life of lavish and luxury.

Prince Charles will be replacing her and will become the new King of the Monarchy in the UK.

A little chuckle for the occasion:

The story that really turned it all around for me when I was digging into the evil Queen, was about the children who disappeared from the aboriginal orphanage in Kamloops, BC here in Canada during her visit with Phillip back in the 60’s.

How can we ever forget about the naked man escaping from Buckingham Palace. Of course the corrupt and compliant media labelled it as a hoax. The man plunged to his death, that is quite a deadly hoax, don’t you think?

Notice the welts on his back? One can only imagine what was done to him.

Fifteen Prime Ministers and One Queen

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