Memes and Things and Giggles

November 29, 2022


7000 PEDOPHILES have been released in California.

I never thought I would live my last 20+ years in a world that looks like this.
I think the vaccine affects more than just the physical part of the body, people are batshit crazy everywhere.

I guess he never saw the movie Soylent Green in 1973.

I think everyone knows by now that Biden is not the one leading the USA – I don’t even know if there is a Vice President anymore.

I wonder if anyone has told her.

They walk among us.

LOL I luv the looks the men are giving her as she raises the hose.

This is typical in Ottawa, I have noticed many still wearing masks in their cars by themselves. This one is in a zoom meeting in a room by herself, someone must have told her that she can catch covid while in front of her computer…lol The weaponized media did a great job brainwashing during covid. Some more than others it appears.

The people of China fighting back and standing up to the CCP

They try. But what this dimwit doesn’t know is the ‘history’ behind the word, ‘history’ – evolved from an ancient Greek verb that means “to know,” 

Christmas lights are offensive to this neighbour

They walk among us.

Some people shouldn’t be a parent.

LOL – Thank God for that!

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