CIA – MKUltra Julian Assange – Did Julian Assange Defect the CIA? Part Three

December 3, 2022

Remember that rainbow photo of Stella with Assange? Just like the fake pregnancy pic and the two fake portrait pics, it never happened. See the original on her Twitter. They superimposed Assange’s face onto the face of another man. We think it’s the body of Stella’s real lover M.C. McGrath. THEY FORGOT to add Assange’s beard back to the right side of his face! 100% proof.

Julian Assange’s fake lover Stella Moris discovered as the secret lover of M.C. McGrath. As everyone knows, McGrath was funded MEGA BUCKS by PayPal’s founder Peter Thiel in what experts are now warning was a PayPal in bed w/ WikiLeaks money laundering scam. Remember: PayPal [blocked funds] to WikiLeaks, but then turned right around and funded McGrath $100,000 to create ICWatch hosted by WikiLeaks.

Getting ahead of ourselves now, let’s get back to Chief Sands and the answers to the “333” questions.

Brandon Darby was a blogger and an activist.

In late 2008, Darby acknowledged in an open letter that he had acted as an FBI informant in infiltrating protest groups before the 2008 Republican National Convention, held in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He testified in court against two men arrested on plans to commit domestic terrorism.

Darby became increasingly involved in conservative movements, including the Tea Party movement, despite not being registered to vote. He served as managing director of Breitbart Texas, a far-right news and opinion website.

Cassandra Fairbanks, “Seasoned Activist” turned right-wing Trump supporter who adores Brandon Darby. Assange wasn’t a fan of Fairbanks who worked for Roger Stone and Trump. He refused to meet her.

Jeremy Hammond is also an activist and former computer hacker from Chicago. He founded the computer security training website HackThisSite in 2003. There is absolutely nothing on the web about his father, someone has wiped it clean.

Sheldon Adelson was a Casino Mogul in Las Vegas, net worth 29+Billion, died Jan. 11, 2021. A “Philanthropist”.

Sorry but every time I see that label Philanthropist tagged onto a billionaire I see the words “Money Laundering”.

He was a Conservative donor and tied to Pamela Anderson in child and sex trafficking.

Actress Pamela Anderson and editor of WikiLeaks Julian Assange pose for a portrait on March 12, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by David LaChapelle/Contour RA)

Pamela Anderson adored Julian Assange but he wanted nothing to do with her. Probably safe to assume that he was photoshopped into this image considering he was in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2017.

World Cup bench winner Adil Rami swears Pam was a forced publicity stunt. Assange’s head was pasted onto the lap photo of Pam. There’s a reason it looked like an elf Christmas card and why his thumb was deep purple in that photo. Murdoch made Pam. Pam who in 2022 *deleted* all photos of Assange on her Twitter. Pam who after unbuttoning her shirt and exposing her bare breasts to Assange in the Ecuadorian conference room was told by him to stay out of his life. Playboy is a CIA front, and we found that out through Castle Bank when Hollywood couldn’t get busted because of national security. Stella Moris on the other hand isn’t even Stella Moris. She’s Sara Gonzalez Devant tied to US Joint Staff Stephen M. Saideman and many times over pedogate. Saideman is NATO, Council on Foreign Relations, Carlyle Group, Booze Allen, US Army War College, US Navy War College & US National War College. Robert David Steele says every US military base abroad is trafficking children, and those kids are trafficked. She faked pregnancy and portrait photos of Assange with Murdoch and continues to lie about a relationship with Assange. Stella works for CIA’s Garzon. All the people who vouch for Stella belong to CIA, Soros and Murdoch.

Hugh Hefner was a CIA Agent, and the entire Playboy mansion was one big “Honey Pot”, A CIA and Mossad institution luring elites, celebs and high profiles alike, into compromising positions for leverage for the illuminati to use against, for further control, making them slaves of the cult. Tunnels

The media will report that the mansion fell into disrepair after Hefner died, but the chatter among theorists say that they filled in the tunnels. If you look at the above diagram of the map where the tunnels were laid out and the diagram of the construction, it looks like the chatter was correct, the tunnel entrance has been filled in with dirt. He died in 2017, Trump was still President and intolerant of child trafficking, he was on a mission to arrest all traffickers. He kept is word, Harvey Weinstein, Epstein, Peter Nygard, Keith Renir, and Clare Bronfman were all arrested and convicted.

The story behind Bradley Manning [Link provided]

About Alexa Obrien Wikipedia [Link provided]

In the video which aired on the BBC in November 2007 – Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister for Pakistan, says that Osama had already been murdered. This is four years before he is officially announced as killed by the Whitehouse. The former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in December 2007 in a gun and bomb attack after holding an election rally in the city of Rawalpindi, next to Islamabad.

Assange leaked “Collateral Murder” – This ties in with Chelsea Manning who was Bradley Manning [we discussed him above], and now a female transgender.

On 21 August 2013 Private Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in military prison for handing over documents to WikiLeaks during 2009 and 2010 – the biggest information leak in US military history. Chelsea was found guilty of numerous offences, including theft and espionage.

“Collateral Murder” created a media sensation in 2010 and led to Chelsea Manning’s imprisonment and to a DOJ investigation of Julian Assange, reports Elizabeth Vos. But the war crimes the video exposed got no one else in trouble. 

Consortium News today begins a series of articles, “The Revelations of WikiLeaks,” that will look back on the major works of the publication that have altered the world since its founding in 2006. This series is an effort to counter mainstream media coverage, which is ignoring WikiLeaks’ work, and instead is focusing on Julian Assange’s personality. It is the uncovering by WikiLeaks of governments’ crimes and corruption that set the U.S. after Assange and which ultimately led to his arrest on April 11. The “Collateral Murder” video was just the first of many major WikiLeaksrevelations that made the journalist one of the world’s most wanted men, simply for the act of publishing.  

Link below provided of “Collateral Murder” The Video that Put Julian Assange
in the Crosshairs of the United States

Did the UK Queen take the Freeman Oath? Oh yes she did! Along with ton of others that may shock you.

JR’s headquarters is in City of London Corporation outside UK jurisdiction.* Did you know Nelson Mandela took the Freeman oath to City of London Corporation? He died a citizen of City of London Corporation and said his whole career started and ended there. Bill Gates, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, founder of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, pedophile UK Queen, US Presidents and many more took that oath. Freemasonry was just one of 110 guilds or “worshipful companies” that came from City of London Corporation which is sovereign like their offshoot Pentagon Reservation which is why it’s a reservation.

Rupert Murdoch is a media tycoon, he owns the following:

  • Fox Network
  • HarperCollins publishing
  • New York Post
  • MarketWatch
  • Barron’s
  • Austrailan News Channel
  • The Sun (British tabloid)
  • The Times (Britain daily newspaper)
  • Investor’s Business Daily

Rothschild’s own the following News outlets as of 2016:

  • NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households.
  • NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, NBC News at Sunrise.
  • CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%).

Confirmation of Operation Mockingbird and who controls the bird that the anchors have to mock.

Also confirms who weaponized media during covid, the CIA/Illuminati and who is at the head of the Illuminati? Jacob Rothschild.

The Rothschild’s are the shadow government controlling the elections globally and installing their puppet slaves, I have some proof.


ROTHSCHILDS LEAD — The 13 Illuminati Families That Run The World Today


The Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful – visible – bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $500 trillions!





15 minute video — History of the Swiss Mercenary Templars Funding the Nazis and Benefitting Greatly

Includes the great Nazi (Swiss Bankster enabled) escape to Argentina & South America!


The article everyone is now quoting regarding CIA’s attempt to assassinate Assange is incorrect. First, let’s point out who Yahoo is. Rothschild begot Leon Black begot Apollo Global Management begot Yahoo. Nine Rothschilds busted with Epstein, and Leon Black gave Epstein $158 million. So that’s who Yahoo is. It’s the Rothschild/Epstein mob tied to Assange. Moreover, while CIA is indeed attempting to murder Assange, it’s solely because Assange defected CIA. Yahoo’s 247 references to sources in that article were nameless, because the story was fabricated. General Sands talk to Michael Isikoff who doesn’t care Washington Post newsroom’s National Desk confirmed WikiLeaks is CIA.

Inspector Sands shadowed Julian Assange from 2010-2022. It was a journey which included Inspector living in Anonomobile, London, Ecuador & Washington, DC. During the film, Inspector accidentally hijacks Anonymous Million Mask March from CIA unbeknownst it was a George Soros operation which morphed from Occupy into Antifa. Inspector was attacked by CIA media, detained thirty times by US Federal agents, stalked by WikiLeaks, crowds of well-meaning but deceived Assange supporters and even MKUltra Frankensteins. Like all real superheroes, Inspector fought off killer mobs, was kidnapped, set up by WikiLeaks insider MI5 Agent Annie Machon and imprisoned for saving orphans from cannibals. Inspector was arrested at Assange’s home in the Hampstead cannibal kids case tied to WikiLeaks insider MI5 agent Annie Machon whose landlord is agent Belinda McKenzie who framed Inspector & Sabine McNeill.

It’s why Assange leaked spirit cooking for Inspector which then sparked Pizzagate.

True spy thriller? Absolutely, and the plot thickened when US Marshals asked Inspector for assistance at National Press Club in Washington, DC. Fast forward 7 years into the making of The Julian Assange Documentary, and Inspector (whose dad was Fort Belvoir) discovered Assange is a CIA MKUltra victim after seeing he’s completely framed in 9/11. It wasn’t too hard to figure out once the shocked passed knowing the WikiLeaks journalist who worked on all releases Stefania Maurizi’s boss’s boss is CIA MKUltra founder Allen Dulles. Inspector also discovered Assange’s family is not his family but is instead The Family cult known as CIA’s The Finders having tied him to twenty-two child sex slave torture camps. Further, it was Inspector who first revealed Assange’s trial at Old Bailey was conducted by Corporation of London outside UK jurisdiction with Lisa Baraitser’s acting company pretending to be Judge Vanessa.

Looking deeper, Assange came from Occupy which was a Soros op, and Soros came from Rothschild. Soros is further funded by CIA via USAID and funds Clintons credited with Assange for sparking Arab Spring resulting in US Army War College Sisi in charge of Egypt. Same people behind the violence in Catalonia. WikiLeaks also triggered Osama bin Laden’s 2011 hoax raid which ended in the deaths of dozens of Navy SEALs. 

No bin Laden body or trial, because sadly Intelligence already knew bin Laden died 2001 from kidney failure which is why Pakistan’s PM was assassinated right after she said it.

Bush funded Assange’s DARPA training. It’s why Assange said 9/11 wasn’t that important anymore.

There was a reason WikiLeaks was not transparent. WikiLeaks was a CIA front. There was a reason all those whistleblowers found themselves dead or in prison; and, for some, the punishment of isolation was just an extension of CIA training.

The reason no Intelligence agencies or journalists ever found Sarah Harrison or Snowden in Moscow Airport is because they weren’t even there. Snowden was CIA, and 99.95% of everything “he leaked” was never made public. All those awards for leaking 0.05% of nothing were for dumping CIA trash. All those stories were made up right down to the deaths of Aaron Swartz & Marine James Dolan murdered actually instead for their software program SecureDrop CIA’s Snowden now uses to funnel all mass media secret intake docs to Russia. John Barlow admitted he worked for CIA while founding Freedom of the Press Foundation with Julian Assange.

CIA’s Soros funded Barlow, Snowden & Manning and the trial’s two exclusive reporters Alexa O’Brien & Kevin Gosztola. Now Soros funds US State Department’s foreign service agent Rebecca Vincent at Reporters Without Borders for Assange’s trial. In 100 countries many mainstream and alternative media outlets are run by CIA with Soros. Democracy Now w/ Amy Goodman, Young Turks w/ Cenk Uygur and Pete Santilli are all Soros. Yanis Varoufakis w/ DiEM25: Soros. What about Alex Jones? He says he’s a cannibal. Fact is: Assange leaked “Collateral Murder” video while he was in Washington, DC and then just flew out no problem at all. US Homeland Security’s Blue Cell founded UC Globa guassange the whole time he was in the embassy. We found the Knightsbridge secret tunnel and trap door leading to MI6 under the floor in the skateboarding video

Rothschild funds Assange via Tony Tabatznik’s ** Bertha Foundation with Robin Hood Holdings where Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson works. More on her later. Tabatznik is tied to psychiatric torture camps in South Africa where Stella is from and hung with Assange’s chief DC lawyer now dead Michael Ratner of Center for Constitutional rights funded by Soros. Assange also worked with 9/11 liar Donald Trump via Genie’s other partners Ira Greenstein & CIA’s Rupert Murdoch who had the 9/11 Pentagon attack & Jeffrey Epstein fake dead body exclusives. That’s how Trump Heights came about. Like Trump, all Genie partners were busted with Epstein.


When you give to Julian Assange, you give to CIA, because all his lawyers are CIA. Like Assange’s chief lawyer CIA asset Baltasar Garzon, Assange’s lawyers were working for CIA including US DoJ’s Mark SummersGeoffrey Robertson, Edward Fitzgerald, Gareth Peirce who freed bin Laden’s right-hand man, Rothschild’s agent Mark Stephens who holds Assange’s Power of Attorney and Special Agent Joseph Farrell funded by Soros who holds Assange’s surety. Garzon funded by Rothschild’s financial partner Rockefeller is a convicted spy felon who helped CIA ensure Pinochet never stood trial for their child sex slave torture camps in Chile. Even Rockefeller University was busted for 40 years of pedophilia. Garzon is the disbarred judge who worked with CIA to indict bin Laden, and Assange’s chief DC lawyer Barry J. Pollack is the lawyer for US War Court’s Chief Defense Counsel with more access to 9/11 secret docs than even the judge in Guantanamo. Send Assange to Guantanamo? Wouldn’t matter, cuz his lawyer is the lawyer for the guy who runs Guantanamo. Assange was placed on house arrest at a mansion belonging to Vaughan Smith whose dad was UK Queen Secret Messenger Service, and Soros funds Smith’s Frontline Club.

Trump Heights (Hebrew: רמת טראמפ, Ramat Trump, [ʁaˈmat ˈtʁamp]) is a planned Israeli settlement in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights named after and in honor of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Michael Rather died on May 11, 2016. According to The New York Times, citing his brother, Bruce Ratner, the cause of death was complications from cancer, he was 72.

What happened? It was Rothschild. Jacob Rothschild heads Rothschild dynasty. We call him JR like the asshole in the TV series Dallas. With his own gold-plated boulevard running through the now former capital of Israel’s Tel Aviv, he’s the 84-year old Antichrist running CIA’s boss Mossad. His Genie Energy partner CIA head Robert James Woolsey busted Assange in 1993 with Clinton. Woolsey also busted Assange’s cohort Kim Dotcom who had access to all bin Laden’s bank accounts. Woolsey is the guy who runs WikiLeaks for Rothschild with all the Russian ties. Woolsey is Assange’s CIA handler and Snowden’s boss. Baraitser is also tied to Woolsey & Snowden via Alexandre Djouhri, Nicolas & Oliver Sarkozy at Carlyle Group aka Booze Allen.

CIA’s WikiLeaks was a whistleblower trap. Whistleblower Summit w/ Thomas Drake is run by Clintons, and Assange’s lawyer Amal Clooney raised millions for Clintons. Clooney’s best friend and Assange’s lawyer Jenn Robinson was the last person journalist Michael Hastings talked to before CIA blew him up.

Jenn’s mentor is AUS High Court Commissioner Judge Michael Kirby who’s a pedophile convict. Jenn works for CIA’s Garzon, Soros, Murdoch & Rothschild who holds UK Queen’s purse. Get this: Assange’s lawyers and friends Helena Kennedy who defends mass murderer pedophiles, Vivienne Westwood who had a kid with CIA’s Malcolm McLaren and raised him in porn, Assange’s fake kid’s godmother M.I.A. (married to Rothschild’s financial partner NXIVM sex slave cult Bronfman) and Clooney work for, have sleepovers with and fund UK Royals busted for mass child sex slavery at Windsor Castle with Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Savile & Peter Nygard. Even Assange’s pals Gaga, Pussy Riot and Pamela Anderson all friends of spirit cooking’s Marina Abramovic funded by Rothschild. Eight Rothschilds busted with Epstein alongside Murdoch, Trump & Clintons, and Woolsey’s pal Rothschild crony Alan Dershowitz is Trump’s, Assange’s, Epstein’s & Weinstein’s lawyer. Assange pal Roger Waters hangs w/ Ghislaine Maxwell, and Rothschild funded her dad Mossad’s Robert Maxwell. Even Murdoch’s kid’s godmother Nicole Kidman has Satanic rituals at Rothschild’s directed by Kubrick who hangs with Assange. Are you starting to get the picture?

Holy shit! If all of these people have been busted, I have been right! I have been comparing images of these people and seeing the difference in their appearance since 2020, even TRUMP! George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”, man was he right!

Assange has ties to 9/11 along with Rothschild, UK Royals, Soros, Murdoch, Epstein, TRUMP, Clintons and “The Family” cult as CIA’s “The Finders” I don’t know about you but I am BLOWN AWAY!

Frankly, what we have here is JR running Corporation of London NOT subject to UK jurisdiction w/ $32T in offshores at London Stock Exchange w/ Bank of England and in Reno. Same outfit behind Pentagon Reservation and why it’s a reservation. JR runs Top 10 US think tanks, Top 5 AI firms, partners at Genie with US Treasury Secretaries AND via institutional investing runs Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Microsoft busted w/ Epstein, US private prisons via Vanguard, Blackstone/BlackRock AND runs The White House via Genie’s partners Ira Greenstein & Woolsey. Furthermore, JR runs UK Queen who heads UK, Belmarsh, AUS, CAN, Order of the Garter knighting even Spain’s king and 6M secret society Freemasons who founded US Gov. It’s Synagogue of Satan’s Rothschild Zionists pretending to be Jew (Rev. 3:9). Moreover, Rothschild funded both sides of WW1/WW2 & UN Security Council’s China/Russia/UK/US fake fight just like Republicans v Democrats fake fight, cuz they’re both run by CIA. Same with Biden, Bush & Bill Clinton. US is run by CIA run by Mossad run by Rothschild who’s royalty in China where Trump has his private army with US Navy SEAL Erik Prince aka Frontier Services, Blackwater, Xe, Academi. JR’s Genie partner Murdoch’s News Outdoor owned all the billboards in Russia. 9/11 Cheney? He’s JR’s partner at Genie. The name of the covert military criminal government intelligence enterprise FBI Chief Ted Gunderson talked about tied to Satanic rituals you ask? You got it: BAE Systems formerly British Aerospace run by Rothschild whose employee ran the largest pedophile ring busted in history tied right into Pentagon Reservation.

Questions remaining are these: How much of Assange’s lies were under CIA MKUltra duress? Will Assange publicly speak? Did they wash his mind like they did other MKUltra victims, because it’s CIA’s black widow spider Stella who broke the news Assange “had a stroke” and lost his memory. Will they replace him with a body double like the fat guy they wrapped up like a taco they used in the arrest? Will anybody ever hear Assange say Stella is his lover instead of just taking CIA’s word for it*

What we believe is Julian Assange defected CIA, because otherwise he would have taken the photos with Pam and Stella instead having to be photoshopped into those photos.

We are far from done from this Wikileaks spy thriller of truth, I will continue tomorrow with Part Four.

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