Last night Elon Musk took Twitter where no platform has ever gone before – The Twitter Files Big Reveal Part One

December 3, 2022

As a side note before I begin, there will be another Twitter File drop later today. Yahooo!

Tonight, Matt Taibbi broke a potentially huge political corruption story by publishing a detailed account of the censoring of the NY Post’s Hunter Biden laptop article. But he didn’t place it at the New York Times, Washington Post, or any other media outlet.

The reaction on the platform was a mixture of emotions. For a lot of us it was relief of confirmation of what we had suspected back in 2020 when the story broke and then immediately suppressed. At the same time, no one could have fathomed the lengths Twitter went to censor the laptop scandal, or the direct involvement of the DNC with the Twitter staff. The actions taken by the staff and justification for the censorship is beyond breaking the first amendment. It was clearly election interference.

There was shock, giddiness, and most of all gratitude for what Elon has done for freedom of speech. It was a historical night we will all remember and Elon is now on the map for the guy who shattered censorship. But the only way to describe the energy on the platform after reading the Twitter Files, is to show you. So I have randomly chosen the tweets I thought were interesting, pertinent and humorous, and placed them on this blog, I hope you enjoy and get the feel the energy of the platform, all over again.

The link below is the full 644 page Hunter Biden Laptop report. The hidden scandal that many people will be questioned about after last night, and could possibly be another reason to impeach Joe Biden, we will know within the next few days to see what unfolds.

But first came the anticipation of the roll out of the Twitter Files. Elon had tweeted earlier in the day that the event would begin at 5pm EST The replies to his tweet are most interesting and a part of a very historical night.

However, we didn’t see the roll out at 5pm and Elon tweeted once again:

We then saw another tweet from Elon, building up our excitement and with a popcorn emoji this time. Again the replies/comments are worth looking at, some humorous impatience and some guessing what the files would contain.

We waited for another estimated 1.5 hrs, and then the magic happened:

Follow the thread below for the files in its entirety, just tap Matt’s thread and read all 22,000 replies of the emotions roll out. Matt Taibbi is a journalist who compiled the files.

Fox News was the first outlet to have get the opinion of the talking heads.
Many reacted by bringing back blasts from the pasts of the depth of lies that Biden perpetuated for the past two years about Hunter’s involvement with China or Burisma Energy in Ukraine.
Many personally thanked Elon Musk for his courage to reveal the scandal that we all knew interfered with the 2020 Presidential election.
The memes of course came flying out and were superb as always.
August/2022 Zuckerberg came clean on the Joe Rogan broadcast and told millions of listeners how the FBI was stopping by Facebook to ensure the scandal was being censored properly..blah blah blah
And then there is Yoel who is no longer with Twitter, was fired a couple of weeks ago. This guy helped the DNC with censoring people on Twitter to hide the Hunter Biden scandal and help Joe Biden get elected.
And Joe lied right through the debate in 2020 blaming the laptop a Russia hoax.

Below is a twitter link by a man on the platform who is or was a journalist. He wrote a short story about how Twitter was when he joined in 2009 and how it has evolved with Elon Musk – A really enjoyable 5 min. read.

We had many tweeting prayers for the safety of Elon Musk. Everyone knows that the Illuminati is monitoring the Twitter platform and that Elon is going against their statutes of limitations.
And of course angry tweets towards the old Twitter staff for censoring the laptop scandal.
Here comes the faithful “Gate” hashtag #TwitterGate
Here come the First Amendment lawsuits!

I have been up all night since the Twitter File dropped, as have many others. The platform has never been so busy at 3-4am. I feel like I have been at an after hours bar except I’m sober. It’s now 7am and I just noticed that Elon has also been tweeting all night. Exciting times!!

Wow! That took less than 24 hours to change James Baker’s Wikipedia to committing treason for suppressing Hunter Biden Laptop. I knew there would be developments but I didn’t think it would only take hours.
There are so many people on the platform right now, the feed slows right down after a tweet. I feel like I am in a mall on Christmas Eve with a crowd of joyous people.
  • Dec 2, 2022

BREAKING: Former Twitter ‘Trust & Safety’ boss enraged by publication of Hunter Biden files, claims posting names of censors puts them ‘in harm’s way’

Former Head of Trust & Safety for Twitter Yoel Roth took to Mastadon to express his displeasure in the wake of the bombshell revelations regarding Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal 

The files were released by Elon Musk and published by Matt Taibbi on Roth’s former platform and revealed that Roth was compicit in the censorship.

Tucker Carlson chimes in early this morning on the Twitter files [Link provided below]

Until later today my friends when I blog Part Four of the Julian Assange Spy saga and another round for the next drop of Twitter Files. Enjoy the day and don’t forget to subscribe to get instant notifications when I have new blogs posted.

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