Part Four – MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL Julian Assange – Cannabalism and an Up and close with Chief Sands – Part Four

December 4, 2022

While writing this blog of this fascinating spy thriller operation, involving CIA spies/agents, Rothschilds/illuminati, elite/Trump/Hollywood, Epstein’s island/pedos/satanism, politics/politicians, women, child trafficking, honey pots, war, false flags, murder and money. I am prompted by, and give many thanks for the guideline of abundant information provided by Chief Sands, @StellaAssange,(Don’t let her twitter handle fool you😉), Intelligent Enforcement.

This would be a good time to tell you about the woman, I have been in contact with and have become fond of, it all started when I tweeted about the four news outlets who wrote a letter urging the US not to charge Julian Assange, and ended up with meeting Christine and this wild ride I am now sharing with my readers.
This valuable information she shares, is mind blowing. We are learning about the who’s, where’s and the why’s and it all ties into the satanic cult of the illuminati. This is the shadow gov’t that holds tremendous power and control over the world. Her story is fascinating and I find myself diving deeper down into a rabbit hole with a woman who can prove that everything I am discovering is not conspiracy, it is truth! Thank you Chief Sands for confirming all of those all nighters I have pulled, piecing together the parts of the puzzle of this crazy world and the powerful force we all find ourselves up against.

Meet Christine Sands/Chief Sands – The woman behind the information about Julian Assange.

Christine Ann Sands. They said it wasn’t real my name cuz of Christine Ann Assange, but it’s actually my birth name. Just a coincidence. My bio:

Close encounters of the REAL KIND with Chief Sands

General Sands in the flesh fought cannibals face-to-face. I’m pretty sure it’s why Julian Assange defected Rothschild Intelligence. He knew #spiritcooking was real. Go listen to the children talk about what they suffered at the hands of these cannibals.

Below is a link to Bitchute channel of General/Chief Sands – These are videos of the Hampstead cannibal kids. I went down this rabbit hole of these kids in 2020. The Father was rewarded sole custody of them. The kids were taken to the church on Wednesdays for the satanic rituals. If I remember correctly they came home from school one day and told their Mother. The Mother reported it and no one believed her, especially after her ex-husband was interviewed on TV and gave a very convincing story to the media. In the end they thought she was crazy and she lost her children to the cult.

Oh he put on quite an act, tears and the full 9 yards of “poor me”

Chief Sands writes: Robert David Steele told me Julian Assange is an agent who can no longer be kept secret. He used the word “compromised.” He wrote it to me in a letter. He also said all US Military bases abroad are trafficking small children for sex and satanic rituals.

Chief Sands writes: I was in Hampstead run by Antichrist Jacob Rothschild’s City of London Corporation. I was INSIDE the cannibal church & heard chanting underground. I have all the videos. They kill & eat babies. WikiLeaks is tied to the cannibals. 100%.

Chief Sands writes: I was in Hampstead run by Antichrist Jacob Rothschild’s City of London Corporation. I was INSIDE the cannibal church & heard chanting underground. I have all the videos. They kill & eat babies. WikiLeaks is tied to the cannibals. 100%.

Chief Sands writes: I was KIDNAPPED by cannibals from Julian Assange’s RESIDENCE! I tied him to the cannibals. Not just #spiritcooking‘s Marina Abramovic, the SAME CANNIBALS who kidnapped me! #WikiLeaks insider Annie Machon rented from spook Belinda McKenzie who set me up!!

The link below on Google of course states that it is false allegation, but anyone on my blog that have read any of my work already knows who runs Google.

Above is one of the emails I snagged in 2020 from a Wikileaks dump – Marina is inviting Tony Podesta and his sick brother John Podesta who sacrificed his most talented son Chester Bennington of the band Linkin Park, was suicided on July,20, 2017, two months after His best friend, Chris Cornell from the band Sound Garden was suicided.

Below is a slide show is an assortment of images from the Spirit Cooking dinner with Gaga and you will also notice Will Farrell in attendance. When I discovered how deep Will Farrell was into the satanism I could not watch any of his movies.

Chief Sands writes: WikiLeaks had secret meetings about me, banned my name but told reporters to put out “misinformation” about me. Defected Julian Assange told them if they attack me, Anonymous will leave WikiLeaks. CIA’s WikiLeaks lied about me, but Assange had my back.

Chief Sands writes: Seems word got out in Julian Assange’s hometown of #Melbourne #Australia today that #Assange’s wifey Sara Gonzalez Devant daughter of SECRET AGENT Sergio Albio Gonzalez pretending to be Stella Moris & Stella Assange is a fraud. @kelrobi11 @GinaMacina60 #JulianAssange #WikiLeaks

Plenty of proof in the pudding from Chief Sands and who she is, what she has witnessed and experienced personally with Julian Assange and the information she has gathered all of these years.

Simplifying this thriller of a REAL LIFE spy story is not an easy task, and the plot only thickens from here. I am trying to accomplish simplicity out of absolute chaos of the life and operation of Julian Assange, the CIA agent.

There are some dark and scary times ahead for all of humanity, but not as dark for those who have prepared with knowledge. Never stop asking questions, never stop researching and maintain an appetite for information. And always walk with EYES WIDE OPEN.

From this point going forward, the plot thickens. What I am recording here on my blog is all FACT! The problem with mankind is that we have watched too many movies that have brainwashed us to believe anything when something in REAL life crosses our path. Disbelief is always the first reaction. We have been living in a la la land for so long that when we hear about the life of a mind controlled spy we immediately think of the movies of Jason Bourne. Well we aren’t too far off the mark, the CIA controls Hollywood, so those Jason Bourne spy movies may not be so far fetched from reality.

We have been brainwashed and mind controlled. Not in a Julian Assange mind control method, I am talking about frequencies that pass through televisions, computers and radio. Those snappy little jingles in commercials that keep you humming all day? Thats all part of the regime mind controlling us.

The concert “Astroworld” that was held in 2021 is the perfect example of the effect of frequencies. Many who attended the Travis Scott, Astroworld concert stated afterwards that the frequencies became satanic like. Eight people who attended that concert were killed that day, if you have researched anything about satanism then you will come to the same conclusion I did, those eight people were satanic sacrifices.

The actual entrance to get into the concert is a wide open mouth, this representing Human cannibalism. Human cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. The other day Kim Kardashian posted a video clip of her serving human placenta for dinner to her entire family. The manager of Kanye once said that they paired Kanye up with Kim so that some of her wickedness would rub off onto him. He said that Kim is so wicked, the cabal tosses her around like a baton to spread it around.

The satanic stage setting and the women with devil horns on their heads, this concert was put on for a purpose, a human sacrifice purpose.

Remind you of anyone recently who spoke on a red satanic lit stage?

Of course The Simpsons was the chosen show for predictive programming. Remember, the CIA controls Hollywood. The satanic Illuminati controls the CIA.

The scenes are chaotic and yet Travis Scott stood on his high pedestal and continued with his song and satanic frequencies that filled the air. Because of the graphics YouTube doesn’t have thumbnail on the videos posted about Astroworld.


~Julian Assange works for the CIA who is assigned the Wikileaks covert operation, a whistleblowers trap. The CIA protect the secrets they steal, they don’t want them stolen away from them. It’s important to remember that organizations like The Military Industrial Complex, the Pentagon, NASA – All controlled by the Illuminati/Jacob Rothschild.

~Whistleblower Chelsea/Bradley Manning was arrested May, 2010 – She was sentenced to 35 years at the maximum-security U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth. On January 17, 2017, President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence to nearly seven years of confinement dating from her arrest in May 2010. After release, Manning earned a living through speaking engagements.

~Assange was born into CIA MKUltra hospital[Was busted for being a MKUltra] – He has defected Rothschild Intelligence – Rothschild runs CIA, Mossad and the rest w/ $50 trillion in offshores out of sovereign City of London Corporation who also heads Pentagon Reservation-which is why it’s a reservation.*

~His own birth certificate isn’t even signed. The Family cult is ClA’s The Finders. They took orphans, bleached their hair white to make them all look alike[The show – Stranger Things, MKUltra, all orphan kids and they all dress the same and have shaved heads – Truth in plain sight] on their faked passports, beat them, starved, raped, drugged and then inducted them into CIA. That’s what happened to Assange. Keep in mind Ecuador said they revoked Assange’s asylum, because his papers were not valid. Christine Assange is an actress having made no public appearance in NINE years; and, according to Assange’s supporters, her Twitters were run by imposters before they were dumped with 60,000 followers each. Dropped & unrenewed, General Sands scooped up both accounts before Twitter ultimately suspended them. Locals say Christine Assange still lives in the hills where the cult is. No photos of Christine Assange with boy Julian before he was age 39, and the only legal address Assange has is a PO Box at University of Melbourne in Australia where the cult leader had a wing named after him.

Same Melbourne where Clintons were the morning of 9/11 after being blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing to cover up the Whitewater investigation headed by US Rep Dana Rohrabacher who headed the fake bin Laden raid and made the Assange deal with Trump. Same Clintons who were in The White House 1993 WTC bombing to 2001 WTC bombings. Same Melbourne where Vatican Treasurer Cardinal George Pell was busted for decades of mass child rape and then freed. Same place where Amal Clooney’s husband George hung with Assange at Hellfire S&M (painful public sex) Club who just celebrated their 25th anniversary at Royal Melbourne Hotel in the abandoned underground police station where more than half the force walked off disgusted with corruption. Same police who said they worked with Assange
in pedophilia but never released the results of that investigation. We have proof of everything. We want you to hear the story directly from Inspector and not from people who say they’ve talked to her. Assange sent his Press, PR, friends and paparazzi to Inspector. Even Assange’s colleague Michael Moore asked Inspector to work with him, but she told him he’s a Clintoncunt so that was that. WikiLeaks had secret “prolific” conferences about Inspector, and we have every reason to believe Assange leaked the Pop Will Eat Itself love letter referring to Inspector. “A love letter, surely,” Assange said. Inspector wishes to free Assange but with full accountability questioning his ties to 9/11, Rothschild, UK Royals, Soros, Murdoch, Epstein, Trump, Clintons and “The Family” cult as CIA’s “The
Finders”. Covering all that up would just be covering up for CIA.

~Since Stella & Pamela Anderson both faked the photos, we know the marriage is also faked. If Assange were still with CIA, he would have gone along with it.

~No photos of Shipton ever anywhere with Assange, and Shipton acquired ownership of WikiLeaks domains from CIA Chief Nicholas Natsios of Cryptome who WikiLeaks called their
godfather. Shipton’s neighbors say he was very secretive, and they don’t know how he made his money. Eye witnesses say Assange never made eye contact with Shipton or Stella at his trial. Even Assange’s adoptive father Gavin MacFadyen funded by Soros was CIA MKUltra from Colorado having been institutionalized as a kid working for US Department of Defense and grew up to specialize in human experiments for US Army.

The video below with Julian Assange, you will see a man in the very first scene speaking, he is pretending to be his father, Shipton. It’s not him, just an actor.

~Robinson began advising WikiLeaks in October 2010, and she remains a member of his legal team under the direction of Baltasar Garzon. She has defended Assange in extradition proceedings in London and advised WikiLeaks through the publication of secret American diplomatic cables and the Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) proceedings. Jennifer Robinson is an Australian human rights lawyer at Doughty Street Chambers in London; specializing in human rights, media, public, and international law. Described as “an eloquent activist for the world’s downtrodden and disenfranchised” and a lawyer “who may well be the new face of human-rights law”, the Rhodes Project lists her as one of the most famous Rhodes scholar women along with Rachel Maddow, Susan Rice, Naomi Wolf, and Chrystia Freeland. *Note – All of the lawyers Robinson is compared to are all illuminati/globalists. ~WikiLeaks is the case you know. Robinson is equally passionate about the cases you don’t know.

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~Jennifer Robinson –  human rights Attorney Jennifer Robinson has represented Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. The case has placed her at the center of the most important and controversial legal case of the 21st century, fundamentally changing how we understand journalism, the concept of digital transparency and putting “the right to know” center stage — fueling an infowar which is still raging.

~Stella Moris – It has been determined that Stella is NOT Assange’s wife and he did not have kids with her [image of fake baby bump]

~He didn’t. He didn’t participate in those photos. The faked lap photo of Pam came out after he was silenced. Same w/ all the Stella photos. They all came from
Jacob Rothschild’s partner Rupert Murdoch
~The guy who says he’s Assange’s Dad, vouches for Stella, his name is John Shipton, But, John Shipton who says he is Assange’s Dad never spent any time with Assange as a kid, he isn’t on the birth certificate and never made eye contact with Assange during the hearings.

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