The Biden Crime Family – Financials lead to human trafficking, deals with 50 countries around the world including China and Russia

DECEMBER 7, 2022

The Big Guy


Multiple whistleblowers from numerous schemes have come forward with evidence about the criminal activities of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. With business plans aimed at targets around the world based on influence peddling. Including with people closely tied with foreign governments like China and Russia. (Imagine that) The Laptop showing plans of the Biden family who swindled investors of 100’s of thousands of dollars, all with Joe Bidens participation and knowledge. In 2019 Joe Biden told Americans he had nothing to do with the business dealings of his family – HE LIED.

Whistleblowers describe him as Chairman of the board and particIpiated in meetings and phone calls. Biden IS THE BIG GUY!

The question is now, is he a national security risk? The Biden’s sought business in 50 countries around the world, deals often done by Hunter Biden. Engaged in the most powerful adversaries planning to sell cobalt to the Chinese for Electric Vehicles and millions of dollars wire transferred to Shell companies. The Biden’s became MILLIONAIRES!

Joe Biden often used Air Force Two conducting personal business. Banks began to flag suspicious activity. Each time the bank would suspect suspicious activity they would flag it with what is called a SAR. A SAR is a document a bank must file when there is suspected money laundering, the Biden’s accumulated over 150 SARS! One SAR connects to human trafficking. Another SAR is suspected deals with human traffickers funnelled from one link to another. The GOP has requested from the Biden Treasury financial documents, so far they have refused. Hunter Biden tried to evade SARS and consulted with…(ready for this one?), his financial consultant from the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL.

(This investigation had to have been going on a long time before the release of the Twitter files, the GOP is very well organized and researched, and have already met with Whistleblowers. They have had this evidence all along…hmmm)

Finances bank accounts and credit cards co-mingled if not shared between Joe and Hunter – Evidence on cards flagged as suspicious or illegal activity. Sherwin International deals around the world during obama/biden administration. He visited the white house 30 times and sometimes with Internaitonal business partners and Hunter, according to Hunters calendar. Sherwin was also the President of Hunter’s company. He was at one time appointed by Obama to a position in the administration. After an apparent falling out with Sherwin Joe Biden was brought in as a direct equity holder.

One of these deals involves a sale of American natural gas to China, evidence suggests Joe Biden had a 10% equity stake through his son. (10% to the BIG GUY) At a time when Americans are suffering from high energy prices, because of this administration’s terrible energy policiy there is evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in a scheme to try to get China to buy liquidified natural gas, and from a whistleblower to try to get their foot in the door, with China to get some interest in natural gas drillers. Allowing China to buy at a time when there is an Energy crisis, because of the bad policies of the Biden administration. Hunter brought in millions of dollars from this deal from entities tied the Chinese government. Hunter wanted keys made for Joe and Jim biden, his office mate. He provided Joe Biden’s personal cell number and called him his partner. The other partners were two people closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Map images found on Hunter Biden’s laptop – A powerpoint presentation for the Chinese deal.

Jim Biden used Joe’s name to enrich himself with the promise that when Joe Biden became President in 2020, business partners would get rich by having access to a future Biden administration, by promising access to financing through Middle Eastern, Russian and Chinese connections. Often he would bring in Joe on phone calls, he convinced companies to give him loans of 100’s of thousands of dollars, that Jim never repaid.

Biden has spent over a quarter of a million to staff to “deflect Hunter stories”. Protecting Hunter with American tax dollars is a waste, domestic and international scheme constitutes fraud. The President’s participation in enriching his family is abuse of the highest order. Waste, fraud and abuse will be the primary goal of the oversight committee and will be a top priority. Investigation of Joe Biden and why he lied to the American people about his knowledge and participation about his family’s international business schemes. National security require the committee conduct the investigation and the committee will pursue all avenues that have long been ignored. Committee Republicans have uncovered evidence of federal crimes committed by, and for the benefit of members of the Biden Family.

These include: Conspiracy of defrauding the United States, Wire fraud, Conspiracy to commit wire fraud, violations of the foreign agents registrations act, violations of foreign corrupt practices act, violations of the trafficking victims protection act, tax evasion, money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Crimes are from Human trafficking to potential violations of the constitution. Is Biden compromised or swayed by foreign dollars or influence.

Below is the link of the Laptop From Hell report.

Below is the link to the GOP Oversight Committee Meeting where they presented all the evidence from the Laptop.

Below is the link to the letter that was written in 2020 and signed by 51 Intel Officials stating the Biden Laptop was Russian Disinformation.

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