The release of TwitterFiles#3

The most egregious Collusion, Fraudulent, Treasonous coup and Election Interference revealed in the latest #TwitterFiles dump. #TwitterFiles3

December 9, 2022

The year was 2020, the year we will remember as the turning point of lives around the world.

The mood and emotions on the platform last night, while watching the files dump one by one, minute by minute and reading the atrocities of crime that were committed, and thinking back to 2020 how we all watched it happen in real time but could do nothing about it. You can see it in the comments how all of our anger peaked with enragement throughout the duration of the magnificently put together thread of journalist, Matt Taibbi.

Trump was up against Biden for the Presidential election. Biden campaigned from his basement while Trump flew around to each State talking to the people at his rallies. He was sure to win, everyone around the world was watching this election, we all knew he was the one who would save our economy, bring us to an easier way of life and and maintain the peace he had already brokered. And then it happened.

Please come back to this blog for updates. The residuals of this bomb shell that was dropped last night will go on for days, maybe even weeks – This drop is that explosive! I will update this blog as news drops. I am sure we will see criminal action taken against BIG TECH over this reveal.

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The thread for all 3 Twitter files are attached in the link below:

Follow the thread below for last nights #TwitterFile:

The Smoking Gun!

Twitter didn’t simply engage in viewpoint discrimination. They lied about it and then tried to cover it up. That’s not a good-faith mistake. It’s malicious and likely illegal.

They can never claim they had no idea what they were doing was treason, a coup, collusion or election interference. Vijaya Gadde is a lawyer, she knew exactly what criminal acts they were partaking in. Say good bye to your career Vijaya, and say hello to an orange jumpsuit.

The simplest definition of consumer fraud is: telling consumers you are doing one thing, when in fact you are doing the opposite.

This is entirely separate from the constitutional state-action argument (and also much simpler).

Originally tweeted by Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) on December 10, 2022.

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