#TwitterFiles4 – FBI has infiltrated Twitter – Elon Musk has some housecleaning to do

December 11, 2022

The thread reader includes #TwitterFile1 – #TwitterFile2 – #TwitterFile3 and the latest #TwitterFile4


The hypocrisy of Twitter – On January 5, 2018 Twitter wrote a blog about their policies on world leaders on their platform. Link provided below:


Last night another dump of #TwitterFiles, The Removal of Trump – nicely laid out and easy to follow by Michael Shellenberger

Follow the thread [here] https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1601720455005511680.html

The thread reveals conversations/correspondence between Twitter executive looking at different angles to manufacture and justify their own regulations leading up to an unprecedented removal of a sitting President from Twitter.

More importantly is the WHO was in the background, the three letter agencies Additional scrutiny is finally beginning to surface toward the DHS/FBI network that is running in the background of Twitter.  It is critical to remind ourselves that DHS Twitter is still the current Twitter as it is being witnessed and these files released.

This written by SUNDANCE in a blog: Twitter user “NameRedacted,” a familiar account that has gone through many modifications since it was originally created and then banned from the platform, went through the public profiles of the Twitter officers currently on staff and started identifying all of the FBI officials that remain employed.  The list is rather extensive [SEE HERE].

Extensive is underestimating the infiltration of FBI agents within Twitter😳

The end result as we have seen the end of this movie before – @realDonaldTrump Twitter account was permanently suspended by the Twitter regime.

Roth’s colleague’s query about “incitement to violence” heavily foreshadows what will happen the following day.

On January 8, Twitter announces a permanent ban on Trump due to the “risk of further incitement of violence.”

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