PART ONE – Eight years of Neo-Nazi mass genocide in Donbas. TheBidenCrimeFamily involved with the installation of U.S. bio-labs in Ukraine, and an actor positioned as President with possible cocaine issues, what could go wrong?

January 9, 2023

Short video below explains how the CIA is responsible for the presence of Neo-Nazis and the ongoing genocide in Donbas.

Below is a short (6:48 mins) video, recorded 8 years ago when the genocide began. This will give a little background before we get into the meat of why this war between Russia and Ukraine exists.

There appears to be many who are blindly supporting Ukraine, slapping up the Ukraine flag emoji on their social media profiles, lapping up the media narrative, just as they lapped up the covid vaccine marketing strategy, “Safe & Effective”, without even knowing anything about the ongoing genocide by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi organization targeting Jews and other ethnic groups in Donbas. These people are defending and supporting Ukraine without any knowledge of bio-labs the Pentagon installed in Ukraine. They ignore the fact that there has been ongoing corruption of the Biden Crime Family in Ukraine, or why, for eight years, since 2014 – About the same time the Biden crime family began their crime spree in the Ukraine, there has been continued civil unrest and genocide, a slaughter that shows no signs of ceasing.

I have to admit, I underestimated the complexity of writing about this topic, but I knew it was necessary. It has been infuriating to see these blind sheep supporting such a twisted ugly narrative concocted by the Deep State regime. This is not just about a war, it’s about money laundering for the elite and the Military Industrial Complex. It’s about crashing the global economies to usher in the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset agenda. It’s about the lengths the Deep State will go to protect the crimes of the BidenCrimeFamily, and the corruption of the Pentagon, Fauci and Hunter Biden and their hand in setting up of Bio-Labs in Ukraine. I am determined to unravel all of it and shed light on their crimes against humanity.

My research sent me in – without exaggeration – dozens upon dozens of directions, and at times my head was spinning and it pounded as I pounded back more coffee, pulled all nighters with cat naps, until I was able to unwind and reveal what I learned, a very clever crime blueprinted since the end of the German war! It was astounding, and I’m ashamed to admit, the intelligence and sophistication of their meticulous maneuvers the cartel took, to pull off the most well orchestrated, organized crime of fraud, collusion with foreign countries since the end of the Second World War, was impressive.

I would like to say this all began when the CIA allowed Nazis to remain in Ukraine and brought back 1000 Nazis to the USA, but I believe this all began when Prescott Bush and his industrialists began to plot out the German War and choose Hitler as their puppet. It was to make money for the corrupt Military Industrial Complex for certain, but the ultimate end game goal was all about global power and control.

The crime(s) committed in Ukraine could be one of the biggest crimes of the century to expose, and the CIA/Pentagon/DOD/NIH/Fauci/Gates/WHO/WhiteHouse/FBI and the BidenCrimeFamily have been pounding at it for years! If you are wondering why the swamp is so fearful of free speech on Twitter, this is why – For over 78 years they have done everything in their power to hide, what their impression is of one their greatest achievements, and their most despicable, evil, heinous crime against all of mankind. Oh ya, their fear is outweighing any other emotion right now because we are taking advantage of our voice and shining light onto the truth and exposing their ongoing crimes against humanity.

Remember when people began to doubt the conclusion of the FBI investigation of the JFK assassination, and the FBI came up with the label “conspiracy theorists”? The regime will do anything, say anything and throw anyone under the bus before they ever admit publicly to the huge CIA conspiracy to murder one of the most loved Presidents of our time. Imagine how far they will go to cover up a 78 year old controlled crime involving the political elite they made into their puppet slaves.

The cartel have been purposely creating wars in Ukraine as a smoke screen. The money going over there is not for anything else but to feed into their Great Reset agenda. We have watched their blatant corruption, their fraud, the collusion, the money laundering and the scandal with FTX and ultimately they have caused MURDER of innocent civilians, right there for the world to see, and yet so many still cannot see. They see death and despair, but they don’t know it is caused by the very people they trust, an evil regime orchestrating this all for the sake of POWER and GREED.

Why can’t they see what we see, I continually asked myself as I unravel more evidence of these crimes committed by organizations of the government we were taught to trust? Ukraine is ranked one of the most corrupt countries in the world, is there any wonder why? All of the 3 letter agencies of the U.S. have made Ukraine their home base for corruption!

The swamp have spared no costs and have gone to great lengths to maintain their twisted and corrupt narrative about this war they created. Once again they have activated Operation Mockingbird and have weaponized the media along with their echo chamber brainwashing technique, and why not? Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch – both at the top of the illuminati food chain, control all global media, they direct their well paid news anchors to reiterate anything scripted. Putin bad, Zelensky is a hero. And if anyone dare say anything in defence of Putin – well you must be a Putin lover and a Nazi! And then there is the ongoing, blatantly obvious propaganda coming out of Ukraine.

And this lie perpetuated with #WEFpuppets Justin Trudeau and Rishi Sunak – A charade so transparent, I felt embarrassed to say that one of those puppets trying to act, is in fact leader of my country, the 2nd largest in the western world.
So cringe😵‍💫

Let me be clear – Zelensky is anything BUT a hero! Zelesnky is an installed actor who appears to have an issue with cocaine. This in itself is scary as hell, as it is he who makes decisions at the helm of war for his country. It is he who could easily get NATO involved as he has previously tried to with a “misfire” of a Ukraine missile hitting Poland and then lied and told the world it was Russia. Was he in one of his intoxicated states at that time? I’ll get into all of that in Part Two of this series.

A little humour to break up the serious aspects of this blog. Enjoy “Cocaine in the Ukraine” produced by musician @Bobslessons

A journalist reports Ukrainian genocide in Donbas

Below is the YouTube video “Ukraine on Fire”, this will help give you some of the background of the history between Ukraine and Russia and the 2014 Minsk agreement.

2014 Minsk Agreement between Ukraine and Russia

Klaus Schwab and Hunter Biden connected to biolabs in Ukraine

Is there a connection between covid-19 and the Pentagon biolabs in Ukraine?

From the lips of traitor “No Name” – He knew all about the CIA corruption operations in Ukraine.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this Ukraine/Russia series.

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2 thoughts on “PART ONE – Eight years of Neo-Nazi mass genocide in Donbas. TheBidenCrimeFamily involved with the installation of U.S. bio-labs in Ukraine, and an actor positioned as President with possible cocaine issues, what could go wrong?”

  1. Thank you Gina for your due diligence and your hard work to sift through all the fake news and bring to light what is really happening and to help the truth float to the top of this snake infested swamp! WWG1WGA! God Bless!

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