May 4, 2021

On April 27, 2021 Kalani announced that he would be stepping down. Reading between the lines…Hawaii has been on strict lockdowns since Covid began orchestrated by Deep State operative Kalani, his resignation and stepping down from his position is no coincidence. White Hats in control.

Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English announced today that he is stepping down from his Senate seat on May 1, citing lingering symptoms from a COVID-19infection.

Addressing the issue he had this to say…

“Having been deemed a ‘long hauler,‘ I was diagnosed with long-term effects of COVID-19,” English said in a news release. “My new normal will require me to address some of the challenges left to my short and long-term memory and other cognitive issues derived from the virus. These challenges have placed a number of things into perspective for me, including the need to take better care of my health.”


What Is Ascension? What Does “Ascension” Really Mean?

APRIL 29, 2021

Ref – Ask-Angels.com

Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. It’s a personal choice to boldly step into the unknown in order to expand into an experience that is entirely new.

Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

I know that I am ascending, I have consciously asked to ascend and I have actively worked towards ascension. I often feel the symptoms of ascension through intermittent body aches. This last bout of my achy body lasted 6 days. Yesterday being the worst day of all. The pain can be debilitating and most of the time it is in conjunction with the planet alignments and New moon and Full moon. This month the New Moon and Full Moon occurred within days, a back to back incident of planet energy. Some people experience severe headaches or areas of the body that has been previously injured. It is always my legs that are attacked.

Ascension is merging with your higher self, opening your heart, and expanding to reunite with Source, Christ Light, and all levels and layers of your authentic self. It is returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love and Divine Alignment with Pure Source Light in every area of life.

Ascension is not something that happens to us on a certain date, or that we unknowingly or unwillingly stumble into.

Rather, through expanded awareness, and by integrating the higher vibrational consciousness of our spiritual selves, we are able to ascend.

Ascension is a process of aligning with higher consciousness and with the Divine. It doesn’t happen instantly or automatically, but rather ascension happens incrementally, as we increase our present moment illumination one step at a time.

Ascension is not only spiritual, physical, or mental. The ascension process has an impact on your entire being and how you perceive, relate to and interact with the world around you. Ascension is a total transformation. To ascend is to realign with Divine Love, and with awareness at an expanded level of consciousness.

What action is taken during ascension?

During the Ascension transformation it is advised to cleanse the body using a reliable detox system. Drink lots of water and take daily supplements. There are many who turn to juicing treatment plans. Meals should consist of mostly vegetables, meat is not recommended. Frequent exercise and meditation to free the mind of clutter allowing for your higher self to align transform and expand to a higher conscious level of intelligence.


Don’t just take my word for it. A 2012 review published in the Journal of Environmental Health found that achieving pH balance by eating an alkaline diet can be helpful in reducing morbidity and mortality from numerous chronic diseases and ailments — such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, vitamin D deficiency, and low bone density, just to name a few.

How do alkaline diets work? Research shows that diets consisting of highly alkaline foods — fresh vegetables, fruits and unprocessed plant-based sources of protein, for example — result in a more alkaline urine pH level, which helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels. This can be especially important for women doing intermittent fasting and/or following the keto diet, as hormone levels can be altered.

One of my favourite guided Ascension Meditations is this one – “Ascension Codes for Chakra Activation”

THIS IS HUGE! — BREAKING NEWS FROM ARIZONA AUDIT: The Number Of Illegal Votes In Maricopa County Could Easily Reach More Than 250,000 Votes!


On Saturday, the Arizona forensic audit continued at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in downtown Phoenix.

In Arizona, for months the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County have complained about calls for a forensic review of the ballots in this large and crucial county.

The Board members guaranteed everything was fine but they won’t let anyone get close to their results.

They spent weeks after the election messing with ballots before they formally concluded the election results.

However, regardless of their efforts to prevent an audit of the Maricopa County results the forensic audit is now taking place at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.


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He became the martyred face of the Capitol Riot!

The autopsy found no evidence of external or internal injuries and Sicknick did not have an allergic reaction to any chemical irritants.


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The United States Supreme Court has rejected another call to decide whether Americans have a legal right to carry guns outside their homes.

The high court released rulings on a number of cases Monday. But it refused to hear a case against a California law that sets limits on carrying guns in public.

The high court left in place an appeals court ruling in the case.

The appeals court confirmed the legality of a measure to limit permits for concealed weapons — those placed out of sight.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the United States Constitution guarantees the right to carry a gun, at least for self-defense at home. But the court has refused repeated requests to expand on its understanding of gun rights.

More than 40 states already have rules giving gun owners a right to be armed in public.

A new study shows that Americans are as deeply divided about gun policy as they are about immigration, health care and other issues.

The Pew Research Center questioned 3,900 people nationwide. The resulting study found sharp differences of opinion between gun owners and those who do not own guns.

The study found that more than half of owners support creation of a federal database for recording gun sales. Eighty percent of those who do not own guns also support such an effort.

About half of gun owners support a ban on assault weapons, compared to almost 80 percent of non-gun owners.

Assault weapons have been compared to guns used in armed conflicts. Gun control activists say such weapons are meant to kill multiple people quickly, and not for civilian use.

Yet there was common ground among gun owners and non-gun owners on other issues.

Nearly 90 percent of all those questioned believe the government should bar the mentally sick from purchasing guns.

Also, about 80 percent of those who own guns believe people named on federal no-fly or watch lists should be prevented from buying guns.

Strong majorities of both groups support background investigations of those who buy guns from an individual or at gun shows.

The study also found that at least two-thirds of Americans have lived in a home with a gun. About half of those questioned who have never owned a gun said they had fired one.

About 1,300 of the 3,900 people questioned said they own guns. The rest said they did not.

Most of the gun owners described themselves as white males who are members of the Republican Party.

The study found that people who live in the Northeastern United States are less likely to own a gun than are people in other parts of the country.


I have to wonder whether this entire incident was a planned deadly false flag incident to incite the “race card” and pour fuel on the flame at the perfect time of the Chauvin “false flag” murder trial. For an officer to mistakenly draw her gun instead of a taser just doesn’t seem possible when you consider the extensive training of officers.

Comment below your thoughts.

APRIL 14, 2021


‘Nigerian’ Penises Valued $1.15bn Seized In China

Last night I posted and brought the news about the 7100 penises discovered on board a ship in China taken from Nigeria. Not one, not two, but three people claimed this to be a false story and nothing but a satire. I listen to my readers and so, to please the crowd I pulled the story and decided to rewrite it with news links attached to prove that this crazy unbelievable story is absolutely true.

While I can appreciate everyone’s new found higher level of conscious intelligence and the habit we have now become accustomed to of “Question everything”, I still believe that people are in the mode of, “If it was not reported on a mainstream news outlet, it’s not true”.

With what is going on in the world these days a few years ago I would say, “unbelievable”! But isn’t that how we got into this cabal mess in the first place? This illuminati cult has done such outrageous offences against mankind and we let it slide simply by thinking that what they have done is not true, and just a science fiction event. And yet, we continued to see their truth in plain sight on TV, movies and crazy displays on award shows. We simply just past it off as the “Art” of theatre.

Fani Kayode, a Nigerian aristocrat and a politician until 1995 speaks out about the penises on twitter. This my friends is not satire, this is real and it has happened.

Take note that Femi Fani-Kayode is a “Blue Check Mark” on twitter.
His tweets about the confiscated penises confirm it’s truth.

Link provided below


Chinese authorities seize 7,200 human penisES on cargo ship from Lagos.

APRIL 13, 2021

A total of 7,221 penises of African origin have been seized by the Chinese customs officers in what has now been tagged the world’s biggest seizure of human organs in history.

The organs which were hidden in a refrigerated freight container were seized when the ship harboured in the Shanghai Port following information from an anonymous informer who alerted the Chinese authorities.

The organs were packed in 36 boxes labelled as ‘plantains’ inside the refrigerated container on a ship which transited from Lagos, Nigeria and ship’s crew consisting of four Nigerians, two Malians and two Cameronese now being detained.

Speaking on the seizure, the spokesman of the Chinese General Administration of Customs, Li Wu, says an increasingly large number of armed groups in Africa use organ trafficking to finance themselves, making such seizures predictable.

Maritime data company Lloyd’s List said the blockage had held up an estimated $9.6 billion worth of cargo each day between Asia and Europe.

A megaship which blocked Egypt's Suez Canal and crippled world trade for nearly a week has been 'seized' on court orders until the vessel's owners pay $900 million, canal authorities said Tuesday
The MV Ever Given was seized due to its failure to pay $900 million in compensation, Suez Canal Authority chief Osama Rabie was quoted as saying by Al-Ahram, a state-run newspaper

The MV Ever Given was seized due to its failure to pay $900 million in compensation, Suez Canal Authority chief Osama Rabie was quoted as saying by Al-Ahram, a state-run newspaper.

  • The megaship which blocked the Suez Canal has been ‘seized’ on court orders
  • The Ever Given was seized due to its failure to pay $900 million in compensation 
  • The vessel became lodged in the crucial global trade artery for 6 days last month

A megaship which blocked Egypt‘s Suez Canal and crippled world trade for nearly a week has been ‘seized’ on court orders until the vessel’s owners pay $900 million, canal authorities said Tuesday.

The MV Ever Given was seized due to its failure to pay $900 million in compensation, Suez Canal Authority chief Osama Rabie was quoted as saying by Al-Ahram, a state-run newspaper.

The Japanese-owned, Taiwanese operated and Panama flagged vessel got diagonally stuck in the narrow but crucial global trade artery in a sandstorm on March 23, setting in motion a mammoth six-day-long effort by Egyptian personnel and international salvage specialists to dislodge it.

The canal is economically vital to Egypt, which lost between $12 and $15 million in revenues for each day the waterway was closed, according to the canal authority.

The $900 million compensation figure was calculated based on ‘the losses incurred by the grounded vessel as well as the flotation and maintenance costs, according to a court ruling handed down by the Ismailia Economic Court,’ Rabie added.

He did not explicitly cite the Japanese owners Shoei Kisen Kaisha, but a different source at the SCA said Tuesday that negotiations over damages between that company, insurance firms and the canal authority were ongoing.

The compensation sum includes the costs of the salvage operation, transit fees that were lost and the costs associated with stopping all traffic in the canal
The compensation sum includes the costs of the salvage operation, transit fees that were lost and the costs associated with stopping all traffic in the canal
The Ever Given is now about halfway in a holding lake called Bitter Lake as the SCA investigates. All of the ship’s crew are reportedly cooperating and have offered all of the logs or information that has been asked of them
The Ever Given is now about halfway in a holding lake called Bitter Lake as the SCA investigates. All of the ship’s crew are reportedly cooperating and have offered all of the logs or information that has been asked of them.
The ship was trapped for six days before authorities finally managed to set it free in an oepration involving tug boats and diggers
The ship was trapped for six days before authorities finally managed to set it free in an oepration involving tug boats and diggers

Video link below


Video link below


On Thursday, the ship’s technical managers, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, said in an email that the ship’s crew was cooperating with authorities in their investigation into what led to the vessel running aground. 

They said that Suez Canal Authority investigators have been given access to the Voyage Data Recorder, also known as a vessel’s black box. 

The news was announced by Rabei in a phone interview with government-run broadcaster Sada Elbalad on March 31.

He said the Canal Authority would demand the $1 billion (£722 million) sum in compensation for the six-day delay.

‘It’s the country’s right,’ Rabei said, without specifying who would be responsible for paying the compensation. 

The Suez Canal is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world as it creates the shortest distance for vessels to cross from the Indian Oceans into the Atlantic taking roughly 16 hours

The Suez Canal is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world as it creates the shortest distance for vessels to cross from the Indian Oceans into the Atlantic taking roughly 16 hours.

It is expected either Japanese company Shoei Kisen Kaisha, who own the Panama-flagged Ever Given, or the Taiwanese firm Evergreen Marine Corp, who had charted the ship, will be liable for the compensation.    

But Evergreen Marine Corp have said the accident was not their responsibility and doubt they will be sought for compensation.  

Rabei said that in the past, canal authorities and the ship’s owners have had a good relationship. 

Two Egyptian canal pilots were aboard when the ship got stuck. 

Such an arrangement is customary to guide vessels through the narrow waterway, but the ship’s captain retains ultimate authority, according to experts. 



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A big thanks to Chantelle for keeping me informed and up to date.

Symbolism – Mexican Sombrero – Texas/Mexico border – He will be back in the White House soon to save the children at the border.

APRIL 10, 2021


The news comes as the New York Times breathlessly backs big corporates opposed to Georgia’s new voting laws. The New York Times, however, seems less concerned with employing genocidal Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks.

DMX -- Through The Years

On April 3, 2021 DMX suffers from a drug overdose and the prognosis did not look good.

If you have not taken a deep dive into the world of music yet let me tell you how it works for musicians who crave fame and fortune in exchange for their talent.

The Illuminati/Cabal owns and operates and has infiltrates everything around the globe that makes BIG MONEY!

Musicians are given a choice, some walk away but most sign away their soul to the the satanic cult and are involved in the rituals.

Once these musicians enter this evil realm many of them want out, but the only exit is death or to fake their death as Tupac did and many others.

Did DMX fake his death, we shall see! Was the death of DMX a Rommel death meaning the White Hats approached him about his crimes against humanity and gave him a choice? The choice consists of – A public humiliation in a Military Tribunal or a Rommel death of their choosing. At this stage of the game I would say that is exactly what has occurred. Rommel deaths are usually drug overdoses or jumping off a building or out of a window.

Of course the media will report DMX substance abuse and his battle, they will mention his multiple stints in rehab and then will muddy his reputation and talk about his 12 month sentence for tax evasion. This is the narrative the cabal is dictating to the press.

APRIL 10, 2021





7:25 PM PT — We just got an official statement from DMX’s rep … “Last night Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at home. At this time he remains in ICU in critical condition. Earl has been a warrior his entire life. This situation represents yet another road he must conquer.” The rep goes on … “The Simmons Family appreciates the overwhelming outpouring of heartfelt love, encouragement, support and prayers for Earl. Earl is someone whose life and music have been a source of inspiration and strength to so many people around the world. It is reassuring to see his fans return that same passion and energy to him during his time of need.”

5:40 PM PT — A family member of X’s tells TMZ … his children are flying in to see him.

5:20 PM PT — A family member of X’s tells TMZ … paramedics tried resuscitating him for 30 minutes, and during that time he was deprived of oxygen. Doctors told the family the lack of oxygen severely impacted X’s brain. One family source said, “It’s not looking good.”

DMX suffered a drug overdose Friday night and is currently in the hospital … and the prognosis is not good.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ, the OD occurred at his home at around 11 PM. Our sources say the overdose triggered a heart attack.

DMX was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York and is in the critical care unit. We’re told he has “some brain activity.” Another source says he’s in a “vegetative state” and doctors have cautioned he may not make it.

Of course the media will report DMX, who was the cornerstone of the Ruff Ryders label, has battled substance abuse and has been to rehab several times. His last rehab stint back in 2019 came after he completed a 12-month sentence for tax evasion.

At the time, we were told DMX hadn’t relapsed but checked himself into rehab out of fear he might again, as he felt temptations to use creep up on him again.

DMX made his return to the stage following rehab in December 2019 when he hit Hakkassan in Las Vegas, chatting it up and taking photos with fans before he hit the stage.


APRIL 6, 2021


FILE - In this Oct. 7, 2018, file photo, ground crews prepare the field at Sun Trust Park, now known as Truist Park, ahead of Game 3 of MLB baseball's National League Division Series between the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers in Atlanta. Truist Park lost the 2021 All-Star Game on Friday, April 2, 2021, when Major League Baseball decided to move the game elsewhere over the league’s objection to Georgia’s sweeping new election law that critics say restricts voting rights. (AP Photo/John Amis, File)
Sun Trust Park – Atlanta

MLB boycotts Georgia, signs new deal with Chinese firm that dropped NBA over exec’s Hong Kong support.

Major League Baseball is protesting a democratically passed Georgia voting law while bolstering ties with a Communist Party-backed Chinese company that cracked down on an NBA executive who supported the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.


“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” league commissioner Rob Manfred said announcing the decision to pull this year’s All-Star Game out of the Peach State Friday.

He said protesting Georgia’s new GOP-backed election integrity law was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.”

It is well known the illuminati cabal has infiltrated the entirety of the Professional Sports arenas, from contracts signed with players by cabal agents right on up to the owners of the teams. The cabal in the CCP has them all in their pockets and this move by MLB protesting against election integrity followed by signing a new deal with a Chinese firm only solidifies this theory.

Decode – “QTip”


South Carolina lawmakers call on governor to ban ‘vaccine passports’

Lawmakers asked governor to ‘do everything in your power’ to ban ‘vaccine passports’

Ohio Republicans look to ban ‘vaccine passports’

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., led her fellow South Carolina GOP House colleagues in a letter to Republican Gov. Henry McMaster over the weekend asking him to ban requiring COVID-19 vaccine credentials for citizens going about their daily business.

Mace and the group asked the governor to “do everything in your power under the law to prohibit ‘vaccine passports’ from being required to enter, enjoy and move about our beautiful state.”

“The use of ‘vaccine passports’ to restrict commerce is a threat to both personal liberty and medical privacy,” the lawmakers wrote. “We are committed to fighting this violation at the federal level, and we urge you to do the same by working with Attorney General [Alan] Wilson at the state level.”


The link to the full interview with President Trump and Lara Trump



I’m sure everyone remembers the involvement of Bill Gates with Monsanto!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world’s wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture.



Iowa Democrat Rita Hart, claiming ‘toxic campaign of political disinformation,’ withdraws election challenge in Iowa’s 2nd District.

Iowa Democrat Rita Hart is withdrawing her challenge to U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller Meeks’ election in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District following what she claimed was a toxic disinformation campaign, she announced Wednesday.

The move puts an end to a bitter partisan fight that has rippled across the country and that threatened to drag on through the summer. The sudden reversal also takes pressure off moderate and vulnerable Democrats who have appeared to grow increasingly uncomfortable with the possibility of voting to overturn a state-certified election.


Rep. Gaetz Pushes Back on DOJ Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Gaetz alleges ‘organized criminal extortion … seeking $25 million while threatening to smear my name.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) holds a phone to the microphone as Donald Trump Jr. speaks remotely to a crowd during a rally against Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in Cheyenne, Wyo., on Jan. 28, 2021. (Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) holds a phone to the microphone as Donald Trump Jr. speaks remotely to a crowd during a rally against Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in Cheyenne, Wyo., on Jan. 28, 2021. (Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

This looks very much like Matt Gaetz is fighting back at the blackmail of the cabal operatives, times are changing folks!







This also appears to be a white hat control signal to those who are so keen on getting the vaccine that it is not an immunization dose and will not protect you from covid.



10th Cuomo accuser comes forward, says she was ‘shocked’ and ’embarrassed’ when NY governor ‘grabbed’ her face and kissed her without consent

Andrew Cuomo wearing a suit and tie: Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York. Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images


Below you will see the attached link of contact information for President Trump



I love this Governor!

I would move to Florida if I could. His blazing morals, values and integrity shines through just by the way he works hard for the people, so admirable!






Egypt’s president orders preparations for unloading the Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal

The unloading of these containers, and I pray to God all of the containers are opened for inspection, THIS WILL BE A WORLD WIDE RED PILL!


ISMAILIA, Egypt — Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi ordered preparations to be made for the unloading of the Ever Given cargo carrier that is blocking the Suez Canal, the head of the canal authority said Sunday.

Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, told Egyptian television that officials were preparing for the “third scenario” of unloading containers from the massive ship so it can be refloated, opening up one of the world’s busiest waterways. The canal has been blocked since Tuesday, leaving more than 300 ships waiting to pass through. Unloading some of the 18,000 containers from the towering ship would require special equipment, so the president authorized its acquisition even as dredging continued, Rabie said. So far, 27,000 cubic feet of sand have been removed from around the vessel to a depth of 18 meters, or about 59 feet.


Biden slips up again...“Now, President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccine center in Arizona, not long ago” Biden said. “One of the nurses on that, on that tour, injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot is like administering a dose of hope.”

I have been hearing chatter that Biden will be taken out soon, anyone shocked at this development? The writing was on the wall the day of the fake inauguration.

This is not the first time Biden has made such an error. Biden at times during the 2020 campaign seemed to think he was running for U.S. Senate, and he even calledKamala Harris the “president-elect.” This wasn’t when he was calling her spouse “Kamala’s wife” and mistaking his sister for his wife.

Biden has also made a number of cringeworthy statements that only highlight his questionable cognitive abilities.

In early March, Joe Biden forgot the name of his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the name of the Pentagon while announcing that two females will be made four-star generals.

Enjoy the movie…it’s about to get real good!

“120 years ago Mr. Faux President, well why didn’t you say so?”

“Now I know why you can’t string a sentence together, walk or climb stairs, call your wife your sister, forget what state you are speaking in and need an ear piece for guidance for when to salute the marines…Geezuz, you must be at least 150 years old by now!”


Here is the totally scripted Q & A Press Conference.

Reporters were given the questions and Biden had the answers in complete sentence form for response. Imagine if Trump had have done this at any of the press conferences??


Federal Agency Investigating Biden’s Order to Stop Border Wall Construction

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirmed reports it is investigating President Joe Biden’s move in January to freeze construction of the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Former President Donald Trump, who made border wall construction a key 2016 campaign promise, started building the wall amid legal battles and fights with Congress. On his first day in office, Biden used his executive authority to stop building the wall even after Congress approved $1.4 billion for the measure as part of a $900 billion stimulus package bill to offset losses incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic in December.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks in Washington on March 15, 2021. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)



We have all heard Juan O’ Savin state that it will take the parting of the Red Sea – a biblical moment, could this be it?

Expecting a shipment from overseas? Looks like that package will be delayed.


The Suez Cana is an artificial sea level waterway in Egypt connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea through the Isthmus of Suez; and dividing Africa and Asia. Constructed by the Suez Canal Company between 1859 and 1869, it officially opened on 17 November 1869. The canal offers watercraft a more direct route between the North Atlantic and northern Indian oceans via the Mediterranean and Red seas, thus avoiding the South Atlantic and southern Indian oceans and reducing the journey distance from the Arabian Sea to London, for example, by approximately 8,900 kilometres (5,500 mi).[1] It extends from the northern terminus of Port Said to the southern terminus of Port Tewfik at the city of Suez. Its length is 193.30 km (120.11 mi) including its northern and southern access-channels. In 2012, 17,225 vessels traversed the canal (an average of 47 per day)

The last time the Suez Canal was blocked was in 1956 by Egypt sinking 40 ships during this conflict.

Egypt sinks 40 ships in Suez Canal. United Nations resolves conflict.

We have been at war Good vs. Evil – Dark vs. Light – The take down of the cabal, is this blockage of the Suez Canal part of that war? Who is in control?

Is this the cabal bringing the economy to it’s knees halting shipments of product?

Is this how the food shortage begins?

Could this be how they introduce the Global reset?


Pay close attention to this blocked canal, this could be the beginning of the end of the war we have been exposing. God Speed.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the brother of Hamdan Bin Al Maktoum is the Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai. He declares, starting today, Dubai announced 10 days of mourning during which flags will be at half mass. Offices and government departments will suspend work for three days starting Thursday.

The death of a member of the UAE’s royal families are typically marked with a mourning period. These can range from three days to up to 40 days.

The country implements this period as a mark of respect and life across the Emirates takes on a more sombre tone.

His much younger brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – hmmm…no cause of death announced – that always raises a red flag.

Is his death the Alliance at work, cleaning house?

Suspension of government work places for 3 days? Could this be the QFS installation?

Today is only day one of his death, more information will surface as the days pass.

Oscar-nominated actor George Segal, of ABC’s ‘The Goldbergs,’ dead at 87

I know he was 87 years old, maybe he died of natural causes…maybe he didn’t.

I always think about Kenny Rodgers who was told by the Cabal that his number was 81 and that is when his life would be sacrificed to Baphomet. Kenny even wrote a song with the lyrics containing the number 81. Kenny Rodgers died on March 20, 2020 at 81 years old.

Add up the numbers in that date – March (3) + 2 +2 + 2 = 9 (9=333)

By Tamar Lapin

March 23, 2021


Why would a “mega container ship” create a traffic jam in the Suez Canal?

What do we know about shipping containers and what they carry for the cabal?

We have discovered and exposed what “Evergreen” has shipped in the past – children!

Who has a large investment in “Evergreen”?

What was the Secret Service name for HRC?

Just because it has been quiet lately and we don’t see anything occurring doesn’t mean there is nothing going on behind the scenes.

Think logically. If we knew what the Military Intelligence Team was up to right now, if we knew their next move on the chess board, so would the illuminati cabal. The Military operation would be compromised, New World Order would be our fate and Trump would not be the 19th President of the Republic…Hold the line Patriots, there is a lot more going on than meets our eyes!



A large dump of covid and vaccine information has been passed onto me and in turn passed onto you. The Rothschild covid plan is in play!

It should be no surprise that CNN ratings are presently experiencing a “Free Fall”!

The network is now losing ONE MILLION viewers per night. Fox News has taken over. Could the new addition of Kayleigh McEneny be a part of the reason? Tucker Carlson is also creating waves.


FBI posts photo of Capitol Riot suspect who looks like Rick Moranis

Andrew Cuomo Whistleblower – Watch the report below


People all over the world standing up for their freedom and for the freedom of those who could not attend and for the others who are still not brave enough to stand up for their own. I don’t know about you but I got instant chills watching our brothers and sisters all over the globe rallying peacefully for our FREEDOM!

This is what President Trump needed to see before he stepped in to take over the countries lead by the cabal. He never wanted to look like a tyrant dictator, he did not want the backlash of possible civil unrest. He had to see from the people what they wanted before he made a move to rid the world of these illuminati cabal leaders and take control back for the populace around the world. Thank you to all of my brothers and sisters for standing up for our freedom.


Tyranny has been horrific in Ireland, fear has been instilled into the weaker minds through the weaponized media and death from covid has been indoctrinated. Strict lockdowns from the beginning of covid have not loosened on the populace and the majority have complied. Yes, they had a thin turnout yesterday for their FREEDOM DAY, but many were brave enough to defy the mandates, step out of their homes to demonstrate to the others that freedom will not be taken away from them and they are willing to fight for their God given rights to live their life and not have it lived for them! Kudos to our brothers and sisters in Ireland!!


Australia has also endured horrific lockdowns and for very good reasons. The cabal has infiltrated Australia for 232 years, almost the length of the inception of the Illuminati. There were a huge amount of child trafficking tunnels that needed to be cleared and thousands of children rescued last summer. However now they are facing the tyranny of the vaccine and demanding the resignation of Premier Daniel Andrews. Their freedom day was a total success! The people are standing up for their rights to freedom and saying we are not going to be controlled by the cabal any longer!


The lockdowns in downtown Toronto have closed small businesses and like the rest of the world has allowed the BIG BOX stores to remain open. Walmart is owned by China, need I say more? Those huge Costco shipping containers are carrying more than just products…Many of us have gone down that rabbit hole. The monthly expense of commercial rent in Toronto is HUGE!! We are talking thousands that these business owners have to fork out each month during lockdowns. In Yorkville, the hub of the downtown area, a small space to rent can go as much as $10,000 or more! I can’t imagine how they are surviving during the current mandate of only 10 customers allowed in their restaurants at any given time. As a native of Toronto, born and raised, my Grandparents owned a Fruit and Vegetable market on Queen St. W., I was so happy to hear about yesterday’s successful turnout for FREEDOM DAY from my friend Bailey Mylleville who attended.


Police use water hoses during Anti-lockdown protest in Amsterdam on Saturday during the Worldwide Freedom Rally.


We all remember President Magufuli, he is the only leader who questioned the validity of Covid and all the tests coming back positive. So what did he do? He had his lab techs test the blood of a goat, and a papaya. When these tests came back positive for covid he knew that the pandemic was really a “PLANDEMIC”and another false flag played upon the world.

He has died of heart complications at the age of 61, hmmm…this doesn’t sound suspicious does it?

I can’t of course prove this but I would say that the cabal has killed another great man for interfering in their plan to control the world and their New World Order agenda.

See link below for the full story. I have also attached the Link to the latest video of “And We Know” where LT talks about President Magufuli’s suspicious death.


A man holds a newspapers following the death of Tanzania’s President John Magufuli in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania March 18, 2021. REUTERS/Emmanuel Herman



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Santa Clara, California —  The Jesuit priest who presided over an inaugural Mass for President Joe Biden is under investigation for unspecified allegations and is on leave from his position as president of Santa Clara University in Northern California, according to a statement from the college’s board of trustees.

Reverand Kevin O’Brien allegedly “exhibited behaviors in adult settings, consisting primarily of conversations, which may be inconsistent with established Jesuit protocols and boundaries,” according to the statement by John M. Sobrato, the board chairman.

O’Brien gave the service at Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, one of the most prominent Catholic churches in Washington, in January for Mr. Biden, the nation’s second Catholic president, as well as Vice President Kamala Harris, their families and elected officials before the inauguration ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.


“This is going too far”: Quebec premier denounces cancel culture
“This is going too far”: Quebec premier denounces cancel culture

I find this article about Premier Francois Legault interesting and was compelled to post it as he is part of the cabal and was removed and replaced in 2020 (see photo comparison below). For him to denounce against cancel culture tells me that the White Hats are now in control in Quebec. Great news for my Canadian brothers and sisters who have gone through lockdown hell this past year.

Canadian officials are the latest to take a stance against cancel culture, which they say originates from the United States. Premier Francois Legault of Quebec has joined France and the United Kingdom to issue statements against progressive activists who currently dominate academia.

In a Facebook statement on Saturday, Legault wrote: “We’ve been hearing a lot about academic freedom and freedom of expression these days. I am thinking in particular of the history of the University of Ottawa that has shocked quite a few people, myself understood.”

“A handful of radical activists can be seen trying to censor some words and works. We see a movement coming from the United States and frankly, I don’t think it’s like us,” he said. “What’s really disturbing is that more and more people are feeling intimidated. They feel forced to self-censure, lest they get insulted and expose in the public square.” 

Legault said that efforts to cancel authors and professors who do not abide by the progressive ideology are “going too far” and described the situation as “slipping.” 

“While it can be healthy to question certain conceptions or behaviours and to avoid shock or injury, we must not sacrifice our freedom of expression,” he said. “Freedom of expression is one of the pillars of our democracy. If we start compromising on this, we risk seeing the same censorship overflow in our media, in our political debates. We won’t mean anything anymore. No one will dare to talk about immigration, for example, if every time we talk about this, we get screamed nonsense. Nobody wants that. Not me, anyway.”

To combat the woke crusade in academia and society at large, Legault has appointed Minister of Higher Education Danielle McCann to respond to the erosion of Quebec’s academic culture. 

Legault’s comments echo those made by French President Emmanuel Macron, who has stated that “certain social science theories, entirely imported from the United States” pose a threat to France’s national identity. France’s national education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has said that “there’s a battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from American universities.’

British education secretary Gavin Williamson, a Boris Johnson appointee, likewise appointed a “Free Speech Champion” to sanction universities that fail to uphold the classical liberal value of freedom of expression.FREE SPEECHQUEBECCANCEL CULTURE