All lockdowns sponsored by cabal owned corporations

A screenshot from Ford’s latest broadcast and comparison with an image of Ford from 2018. We are definitely not seeing the real Ford. Body double/Actor Ford is enforcing this next strict lockdown upon the people here in Ontario. Take a look for yourself at the slideshow I created👇👇👇

It looks very much like Cabal Operative Doug Ford has been removed and replaced with a body double and it is the actor who is ordering this lockdown. At this point I think it is safe to say that the White Hats are in full control of Ontario, Canada.

The question that is going through the minds of some people right now is…”If the Alliance is in control then why is this lockdown taking place?”

Answer….People need to be shown in order for them to believe. They need to feel what communism would feel like. There are still many people who support the Ford administration as well as Trudeau. These people need to see what life would look like with a tyrannical government in power.

WE HAVE TO ENDURE A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE – This is the only way people will wake up to the Illuminati Cabal and their agenda.

From what I have gathered from other news sources Ford is ordering the unnecessary products in aisles of big box stores roped or blocked off.

He also hinted last week that school will not be back for the kids until September. This announcement came around the same time of the vaccine passports. Connect the dots and it’s not hard to conclude that children who have not been vaccinated will not be allowed back at school in September.

Below is two sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom written under the constitution that was implemented in 1982. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CANADA!!

The Charter of Rights was written for our protection and yet the majority are complying like sheep with this tyranny giving up their power!

The last weapon is the “Vaccine Passport”, we have to fight like hell against this passport.

It will begin as a passport for travel, work and grocery shopping. Then it will slowly transform to the ways of China communism. It will know if you are bad mouthing the system, behaving poorly in some fashion and will penalize you by increasing your credit card interest rate, or will block your PayPal, or 100 other ways of punishment.


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