Democrat Hawaii state Sen. Majority Leader, Kalani English stepping down due to long-term COVID-19 symptoms

May 4, 2021

On April 27, 2021 Kalani announced that he would be stepping down. Reading between the lines…Hawaii has been on strict lockdowns since Covid began orchestrated by Deep State operative Kalani, his resignation and stepping down from his position is no coincidence. White Hats in control.

Senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English announced today that he is stepping down from his Senate seat on May 1, citing lingering symptoms from a COVID-19infection.

Addressing the issue he had this to say…

“Having been deemed a ‘long hauler,‘ I was diagnosed with long-term effects of COVID-19,” English said in a news release. “My new normal will require me to address some of the challenges left to my short and long-term memory and other cognitive issues derived from the virus. These challenges have placed a number of things into perspective for me, including the need to take better care of my health.”

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