What is the significance of this drop on the Q Board?

This drop is a reminder of the invisible weapons the Deep State shadow government is presently using. The media and Hollywood have been weaponized. Both of those sources have the sheep mesmerized, blinded and brainwashed for decades.

Fear installed through the media, Hollywood idols present the relief with photos receiving the jab, the sheep follow blindly.

The shadow government have never been exposed. They are scared. They promote shame to those who challenge, lies, racism, hate, riots, promote violence and FALSE FLAGS. No matter who is hurt or innocent lives lost. They are losing the battle and most have been taken down.

It has been a long journey, you are tired…Hold the line peeps it is almost over.

3 thoughts on “3 YEAR DELTA QDROP”

  1. We miss you on fb. Yesterday I voluntarily removed myself from there. The straw that broke the camels back was comments on my posts regarding the residential schools, ch1nada day and freedom. So many actually seem comfortable ignoring, avoiding or arguing the truth. My awareness of the cabal started many years ago, but I’m grateful for you and all you do for my eyes are completely open now 💜👏💜


    1. It has been a long tiresome and at times abusive journey. It will be a relief for all of us when the sheep wake up and the tyranny on social media platforms cease to exist.


  2. Hey Gina.

    Glad to find you here, I’m going to cancel my fb I can’t stand it any longer. Why are we not seeing anyone getting arrested or anything changing. We. Ow have 45k deaths confirmed after vaccination, not only that proof of election fraud. I’m struggling how much longer do we need to wait before we get our world back?

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